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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Five Photos: Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort, Coligny Beach

A visit to Coligny Beach Park is one of the fun things you can do while staying at Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort.  And it's a special treat to play on the beach in January.


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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Minnie Moms: I Love this Photo Because... Part 2

It's time for more photo fun with our Minnie Moms.

Beth: This photo is one of my favorite of all our Disney vacations. Joey was just 14 months at the time, and it was his very first trip to Walt Disney World. To celebrate his first trip, our family experienced our very first character meal at Cape May Cafe in Disney's Beach Club. The characters spent so much time playing with Joey, who laughed, slapped them five, pinched their noses and gave them kisses. He even enjoyed a few rounds of peek a boo with Chip and Dale. This photo shows how much he just loved the characters, and it was also the moment that I knew I made the right decision taking him at such a young age. He may not remember that exact moment, but I do! It was truly a special Disney moment for all of us!

Amy:  I ran across this one and to me, it was a really fun moment.  We had just finished lunch at Olivia's. They gave us coloring sheets.  Now mind you, the group was just me and my parents.  I was crashing their trip and had just arrived at Old Key West on Magical Express.  It was lunchtime and we had a leisurely lunch and colored while we waited for our food.  You can see Mom's Ariel masterpiece right above DisneyDad's Mickey.  I was about to bust to tell them I was expecting Tink, but couldn't find the right moment until IllumiNations that night.  But back to the picture, I love that my parents are big kids and will color.  And I love that Disney displayed their art alongside the other children (at heart.)

Thanks to Beth for joining me today.  Please visit the Minnie Moms page for past articles and more information about these fabulous ladies. 
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Monday, February 27, 2012

Activities for Little Ones at Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort

When you check-in at Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort, you will be given a schedule of activities for the week.  These include crafts, tours, music, nature walks, food, songs and more.  I was excited to see multiple programs for 2-4 year olds and promptly signed Tink up for a few.  

The activities geared for preschoolers were held at either 9:00 or 9:30 AM and were free but they asked you to make reservations.  During busy seasons, the classes can fill up and during slow season, they need to know if anyone at all will be attending.  Tink was the only child in the 4 classes/craft times in which she participated.

The three photos below are from the "Getting to Know Birds" class.  The Cast Member's name is Gweneth and she was great with Tink.  They looked at photos of birds and talked about what the birds ate then pretended to eat like birds with clothespins for beaks.  Then it was craft time and story time.  All of the classes lasted about a half hour, just right for little attention spans.  An adult must stay with the child and my husband, DisneyDad and I took turns accompanying her.  Her other "class" was about butterflies and she made a bead necklace with her name and a straw cup at the two craft times.

Tink loved the attention from the Cast Members and quickly settled in to each activity.  Since she normally attends preschool three mornings a week, this was a great way to continue learning on vacation. We even took advantage of craft time on our last morning to keep Tink busy while we did our final packing.

Cleaning up after "eating like birds"
Making a bird puppet
Story time
Each day's activities are posted on this board near the shop and take-out counter
A little different each day
Art project from butterfly class
Crown from toddler arts & crafts
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Campfire at Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort

I've received lots of questions about what there is to do during a visit to Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort.  For die-hard fans of Disney Parks, this will be a far more relaxed vacation but there is still plenty of fun to be had.  Way too much for one post, so this will be the first of a series.

The MUST-DO activity is the campfire.  Between the pool and the pier and next to the activity desk/store/takeout window is a fire pit surrounded by two rows of low benches.  Here recreation cast members lead guests through various silly songs.  You have to sing for your supper but the pay off is free s'mores.  The campfire was at 7:00 PM three times during our week's stay.  Since it was very much the off-season, I could see them holding it even more often in the summer but I didn't think to ask.  They certainly are prepared for a crowd though.  We participated twice and didn't see over about 30 people either night but they had easily a hundred skewers left in the bin after taking care of us.  

Now back to those silly songs.  We went twice and the second time, most of the guests had just arrived that day and weren't feeling much like playing so the Cast Members cut the song time short.  However, our first campfire was very energetic and everyone played along with the "repeat after me, goofy motions" type of songs.  I've been humming "Baby Shark" off and on for two weeks.  "Boom Chicka Boom" and "Mrs. Gooney Bird" were lots of fun.  (Here's a link to a Boy Scout site with similar lyrics for these songs.)  Tink caught on quickly and we've been dancing around the house with these tunes, looking like sharks or, well, gooney birds.  

Try this one at home...  The "Disney Shuffle."  It's "Hokey Pokey" but instead of saying hokey pokey you say Disney shuffle and instead of "put your right foot in" try "put your glass slipper in."  After each verse, the kids (or you!) have to guess the character.  So "put your polka dot bow in" would mean Minnie, "put your frying pan in" would be Rapunzel, etc.  Be creative.

We certainly enjoyed the campfire and will definitely do it again on our future visits.

"Seven chicks had Mrs. Gooniebird...."
When you're two, any excuse to bounce will work.
Smells like the burning of Rome
Fun for all ages! (Baby Minnie and DisneyDad)
Tink loved the campfire
Her first s'more.  We had to talk her in to taking a bite.  Ah, my picky child.
The shuffleboard court directly behind the campfire area was a great place to run off a little more energy before heading back to the villa.
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Team Post: Why would you recommend a Disney cruise?

Amy: My husband and I cruised on the Disney Wonder for our honeymoon. It was a three night cruise that left from Port Canaveral and stopped in Nassau and Castaway Cay. I’ve been on four different cruises with four different cruise lines and Disney Cruise Line (DCL) was clearly superior. The ship was beautiful. We were greeted with Chihuly glass flowers covering the ceiling in the main hall. The staterooms were larger than other ships and well-appointed. It’s a higher priced cruise so those things should be nice. However, there are three main reasons why I would recommend DCL.

At the end of dinner at Paulo. Get the
chocolate soufflé!
1. Great for kids or also great for avoiding kids
If you want to take your whole family on a cruise, Disney has wonderful programs for children. They have special areas of the ship designated for kids and teens. Cast Members lead children in all sorts of activities. This is also one of the reasons why DCL is great for adults who are not traveling with children. Since our cruise experience was for our honeymoon, we weren’t interested in dealing with anyone else’s children. There are separate pools for kids, families, and adults only. Disney’s private island also has a dedicated adults-only private beach so you can relax and listen to the waves in peace. Paulo is a wonderful adults-only fine dining restaurant onboard ship that is not to be missed. The next time we travel on a Disney cruise it will be with Tink and we’ll play on the family beach and in the family pool and let her play in the kids zones. Other than Paulo, the ship’s restaurants are family friendly. Our table mates included one little boy but we didn’t see him until breakfast on the last morning. He was having so much fun in the kids club that he ate meals there and not with his parents.

2. Stage shows
DCL features Broadway-caliber stage productions during each night of your voyage. The theatre takes the space that other cruise lines use for a casino. (Gambling’s not my style so I didn’t miss the casino at all. I don’t mind spending money, but I can’t handle losing money.) We had the late dinner seating so we went to the early show. While onboard, we saw Hercules, The Golden Mickeys, and a show I believe was called Disney Dreams. We thoroughly enjoyed the stage shows but if you prefer, there are plenty of other things to do during the performances.

3. Castaway Cay

I loved Castaway Cay. This is Disney’s private island. The ship docks at the island, eliminating the need for tendering to shore. You step right off the ship onto solid ground. The family and teen beaches offer water sports, playgrounds, bike rentals, and lots of lounge chairs. If you are traveling with teens, they can hang out in their own supervised part of the beach for a little controlled freedom. Lunch is served on the island and of course, there is a gift shop or two. Andy and I hopped on the tram to the other side of the island and the glorious adult beach. Ahhhhh! This area is quiet and peaceful. The April water was too cold for more than one quick dip and we managed to badly sunburn our legs and I still remember this as a fabulous place. There are paths for walking and biking and cabanas for beach-side massage and other spa treatments. One of the highlights of Castaway Cay for Andy was lunch. Our server on the ship had told us there was a surprise. At the adult beach, we had steak, lobster, and salmon grilled fresh there right off the water.

DisneyDad: If you have ever wanted to go on a cruise, consider Disney Cruise Line. I have been on 7 different cruises over the years. You can find cheaper cruises, but you’ll not fine a better cruise line for the price. “I don’t have any children to take on a cruise” you might think. Ok, borrow some if you think you need kids on a Disney cruise. The truth is adults can have fun on a Disney cruise without kids. My wife and I have been on DCL twice without kids and have thoroughly enjoyed both cruises.
If you need a casino to have fun at sea, DCL is not for you as they do not have one. What they do have is some of the best entertainment at sea. Their stage productions are second to none. While you don’t need to have kids to enjoy the cruise, it does help to “like” Disney as many of their stage productions have a Disney theme. Unlike other cruise lines, Disney also shows first run movies from the Disney studios in their 1000 seat widescreen theater. The same day a movie premiers at theaters, it will premier on board.

While on board, you don’t have to see kids. We actually went hunting for kids just so we could see the children's areas on board ship. While kids and children areas are abundant on board so are the adult areas. There are plenty of adult lounges on board. There is an adult-only pool on board, and on Disney’s private island, Castaway Key, there is even an adult-only beach.

The crew is courteous and efficient. Our cabin stewards have been efficient and unobtrusive. The dining staff are helpful and become part of the entertainment on some nights. Food is, of course, plentiful and delicious whether you choose to eat in a dining room or at a buffet. Disney has the most efficient disembarkation process of any cruise line we have been on. You simply go to breakfast and wander off the ship when you have finished. The Cruise Director guaranteed we could find our luggage within 30 seconds. We spotted ours in less than 10 seconds before we even got off the escalator going down to the luggage at Port Canaveral.

Cruises leave from central Florida at DCL cruise terminal at Port Canaveral.

DCL currently has 2 ships, The Disney Magic and The Disney Wonder. Early 2011 The Disney Dream will join their fleet and will begin cruises from Port Canaveral. The Disney Wonder will begin sailing from Los Angeles for Alaskan and Mexican Rivera cruises. The Disney Magic also does seasonal European cruises.

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