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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Strollers: To Rent or Bring Your Own...Our Experience with Amusement Park Rentals

We returned from Walt Disney World about a week ago.  It was a great trip.  My girls are 4 and 6 and the little one has finally passed the magical 40 inch tall mark, allowing Minnie to try Soarin' and Star Tours.  She hated them both but that's another story.

Growing Up Disney, stroller rental at Disney World
My four plus my mom.  That's her own scooter but Amusement Park Rentals has similar models available for rent.

I knew we still needed a stroller for Walt Disney World.  Since I now have a preschooler and a first grader, we rarely use a stroller anymore.  The zoo here is huge and a great place for a picnic so I take a stroller with us on those outings to carry Minnie and our stuff but otherwise, my collection of strollers is parked and awaiting Craigslist.  I wear a Fitbit and my step count was over 100,000 for the week at Disney World without any dedicated exercise time.  That's a lot of walking for an adult and a ton for a child.  Yes, Tink is too old for a stroller at home but WDW is a whole different game.  

If you need a stroller for vacation, you have several options:
1. take your own
2. rent from Disney
3. rent offsite

Let's look at each of these options.  First, bringing your own stroller.  We have done this many times and it is nice when it works out.  On past trips, we have always packed our own stroller when driving.  When flying, I have lugged either a single or double stroller down the jetway for gate check (free.)  I don't want my strollers getting dirty under the plane so I always put them in a travel bag (sadly, another cost.)  And this works fine if you have enough connection time between flights since you have to wait for the stroller to be brought back up.

The second stroller option is renting from Disney however I don't really consider this a viable option in most cases.  The Disney strollers are hard plastic and expensive.  The current daily rates for Disney strollers are $15 for a single and $31 for a double.  If you pay in advance for a length of stay pass, then you save a few dollars per day.  At these rates, I can't see this being a good idea for more than one day.  I have a friend whose youngest children were 3 and 7 on their last trip.  The 7-year-old was a very independent boy who wanted nothing to do with a stroller and didn't need one for most of the trip.  However one day he was very tired and whiny and my friend said the rental fee at the park was totally worth it.  Disney strollers are available right inside each park and have to be returned before you leave that park so you'll have to carry your tired child back to the bus or parking lot.  If you park hop, you return the stroller as you exit park #1 and show your receipt to pick up a stroller at park #2.

The third option is renting a stroller from an offsite vendor.   You don't have to use space in your vehicle for a stroller or worry about the airlines damaging your stroller.  Rental is a great idea if you don't have a stroller anymore or if you need a larger one than you normally use.  The offsite rental companies also offer the models that work best at the parks.  I used one of my own on one trip and was ready to trash it by the time I walked down Main Street once.  It worked fine at home but wasn't a good choice at WDW.  I wished I had rented on that vacation.   Renting a stroller also means you don't have to haul a stroller around the airport or wait on it to come back to you.  On this last trip, we didn't have long layovers and our flight home out of Orlando was delayed.  We made our connecting flight but it was tight and we just might have missed it if we had to wait on a stroller.

I was given a free rental stroller from Amusement Park Rentals on this trip and it was fabulous.  They rent single and double City Mini GTs and BOB Revolution strollers.  We have taken our own double BOB to Disney before and it was great inside the parks.  It's bulky on the buses but a good option for RunDisney types or if you are driving to the parks.  I've used double City Minis in both GT and original models.  Of all these, the City Mini GT was our favorite.  It is the beefed up version of the original with a little more headroom, better tires and an adjustable handlebar.  My husband did most of the stroller pushing and carrying.  He was happy with how small the stroller folded for the bus, how easy it was to maneuver even when loaded with 90 pounds of little girls, and the adjustable handlebar was a really nice feature so he didn't have to bend over while pushing the stroller.  A parent console is included and provides a good place for a couple of cups and a storage spot for napkins, hand sanitizer, etc.  The oversized canopies were wonderful protection from sun and rain.  The seats have a nearly flat recline and my girls happily napped while we were out and about.
Silly husband plus tired girls leaving Magic Kingdom and heading for the bus.  The back of the seat is mesh for ventilation and has a pull-down cover if the weather calls for it.

Up late and happy at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  Being able to have both girls corralled in the big crowds was wonderful.

children napping in a stroller at Disney World
The kiddos napped while I enjoyed some loaded mac n' cheese from the Food and Wine Festival. 

We had our stroller for a week.  A 7 day rental of a City Mini GT from Amusement Park Rentals is $80.00 and you can add insurance for $25.00 for a total of $105.00.  A 7 day length-of-stay rental of a stroller from Walt Disney World is $189.00.  So you save a bundle with an offsite rental and have a much more comfortable and convenient stroller.

Amusement Park Rental's website is easy to use and the CEO, James Zimbardi, prides himself on excellent customer service.  On the site you can rent single and double strollers as well as practically anything else you could need to outfit your hotel room or vacation home for taking care of a baby or small children.  They offer high chairs, cribs, pack and plays, car seats and more.  If you have someone in your group with a mobility issue, Amusement Park Rentals can help with a scooter or wheelchair during your stay.  They even have cornhole boards and volleyball nets if you are having a big gathering.  When you reserve whatever you need from their long list of items, you'll set a meeting time.  James or a member of his team will deliver your rented items and make sure you know how to use them.  The stroller we used was really clean and in good shape.  By the way, if you bring your own stroller and it gets really dirty, Amusement Park Rentals also offers a stroller cleaning service and you get one of their strollers while they clean yours.

City Mini Double, rental stroller at Disney

Disney stroller rental, City Mini Double folded
This stroller is so easy to fold.  Just take everything out and pull up on the handles in the seats.  This narrow fold works great on Disney transportation.

Amusement Park Rentals puts the family's name on the card on the basket as well as the tag hanging from the handle.  We add a yellow luggage handle cover to the stroller to help us spot it in stroller parking.

The stroller folds small enough to fit between the bed and the wall, saving on precious floor space.

I got a call from James the day before we arrived in Orlando to confirm our meeting time and he checked in with me on the morning of pick-up to make sure our estimated time worked with our Magical Express schedule.  He was very prompt and you can't miss the van.  I was glad to be able to meet James at the beginning of our trip and to say thank you at the end of the week.

Amusement Park Rentals van

I can definitely recommend Amusement Park Rentals for stroller rental during your Walt Disney World vacation.  I thank them for allowing us to use a stroller for the purposes of this review.  These are my honest thoughts on the stroller and the rental service.  Full Disclosure Pin It

Monday, August 31, 2015

I'm Going to Disney World!

countdown to Walt Disney World

The whole Growing Up Disney family is preparing for another trip to Walt Disney World this October.  While Old Key West will always be our home away from home, I am really excited to stay at Kidani Village this time.  I always love Animal Kingdom Lodge when we visit for dining.  Speaking of dining, we have reservations at all of the Animal Kingdom Lodge/Kidani Village restaurants—a welcome lunch at Sanaa, both a dinner and a breakfast at Boma, and a date night for my husband and me at Jiko.  

family at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge
Waiting for lunch at Sanaa in November 2012 and wearing my ever-present camera bag (see below)

I cannot wait to have my morning coffee on our savanna view balcony.  A Disney vacation is filled with so much activity that those quiet moments are extra special.  Tink and Minnie are really looking forward to seeing the animals from our room and checking out the children’s water play area.  At least one night, we plan to enjoy the campfire and some toasted marshmallows.  We did this at Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort but they were much younger then.  I expect the campfire to be a bigger hit this time around.  
children enjoying campfire at Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort
Tink with her Daddy and Minnie with mine at the campfire at DVC Hilton Head

My girls are now 6 and 4.  This will be Tink’s ninth WDW visit and Minnie’s seventh.  Tink’s first trip was to celebrate her first birthday and Minnie’s was at 11 months old.  We have been through all sorts of stages during our Disney travels.  I am so thrilled to finally have a trip with no diapers or pull-ups!  My babies are now kids and we are ready to have fun. 

toddler's first trip to Walt Disney World
Tink (with DisneyDad) on her first WDW vacation

toddler and preschooler with grandfather at Disney World
Minnie's first WDW vacation (with DisneyDad and Tink)

My loves in the summer of 2015

I have posted here in the past about what I have carried in our Disney diaper bag/backpack for infant and toddler stages.  Now that I have a preschooler and a first grader (gasp!) I will be able to carry a lot less.  Using my previous list as a starting point, here is what I plan to take with us in the parks.

   Sippy cups (I use them mostly for water.  I got burned once when a cup of milk opened in my bag and leaked.  Try cleaning up a moving's not fun.)
   Hand wipes
   Clorox wipes (A must for cleaning tables.)
   Band aids (Just a couple. No need for a first aid kit.  That's what the first aid centers are for.)  
   Ponytail holders
   Small snacks
   Notebooks, stickers and multi-color pens
   Light up toys (maybe)
   Candy (small packs of M&Ms or Smarties can buy time and aren't messy)
   Wallet (smaller than I use at home)
   Poncho (dollar store variety)
   Clif bag (This is a small bag that packs into its own pocket.  It's great to be able to throw all those extra things you accumulate into before hopping on the bus. Mine just happens to have a Clif logo on it.)
   Phone charger
   Lip gloss
   Camera battery
   Business cards
   Thin towel
   Changes of clothes (I have carried these every time, 8 trips with kids, and have never used them.  But I want to let them play in the splash areas if they want so extra clothes go under the stroller.  This is also the thing most likely to be cut from my list.)
   Visor/hat for me 
   Light up toys
   Large thin blanket (great for covering the stroller during naptime)

As for the bag itself, I most often carry a LoweproPassport Sling to Walt Disney World.  It's convenient for my DSLR camera and has plenty of room for other gear.  I've had this bag for over three years and find it to be comfortable to wear.  There are several variations on the bag now, with more options in size and color.  I have tried backpacks both in camera and non-camera styles, but I go back to the sling for both the ease of accessing my stuff and due to the fact it's cooler than having a bag on your back on a hot day.  Since the girls are older, I won’t carry everything on this list around all day.  Some of it will go in a cheap drawstring backpack and stay under the stroller unless needed.  Nothing of real value should ever be left unattended with the stroller. 

As for the stroller, I am pleased to say that I’ll be using a stroller from Amusement Park Rentals.  They rent single and double City Mini GTs and Bob Revolution strollers, as well as cribs, highchairs, and practically anything else you could need for baby.  Amusement Park Rentals also rents scooters and wheelchairs so don’t let a mobility issue keep you from getting out and having fun.  They have a great deal for August on the City Mini Double with a $50 flat rate.  I’ll do a full review post when we return from vacation giving you the scoop on how easy the company is to work with, condition of the stroller, ease of pick-up and return, etc.  Amusement Park Rentals promises excellent service and clean, convenient strollers.  (BTW, I know my 6-year-old is too old for a stroller at home but not at Walt Disney World.  Especially for longer days or larger parks, it will be worth it to have a seat for both kids.)

I bought tickets to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party but I am keeping that a surprise from the girls.  Airline tickets have been purchased and Disney's Magical Express reserved.  Dining reservations have been mostly made and some FastPasses as well.  I think we are in great shape for our upcoming trip, other than actually getting in shape.  I'll be walking/jogging regularly leading up to the vacation.  

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Disclosure: I'm sure you guessed this but the link to Amazon above is an affiliate link.  If you buy something after clicking on that link or any other Amazon links on our site, we will get a little bit of help with the operating costs.
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Monday, March 16, 2015

The Disney First-Timer Class I Give to My Friends, Part 3

This is the end of my Walt Disney World First Timer Class.  If you have missed the other sections, you can find them here: WDW First Timer Part 1 and here: WDW First Timer Part 2.

Growing Up Disney, Mickey Mouse hugging child, first Disney vacation

Today we will be focusing on tips for traveling with small children.

Snacks: You are welcome to take food in at the Disney parks and it’s a good idea to do so. Yes, food is available all over the place but being able to quickly provide the kids with goldfish or fruit snacks can help prevent a meltdown. Heck, I’ve even found that it’s a good idea to have some trail mix for myself. I will admit to getting ‘hangry’ at the parks when I’m in need of a blood sugar boost.

Yogurt/applesauce squeeze packs: If you have a picky eater like I do, you may want to carry yogurt or applesauce squeeze packs. If we are carrying a lunchbox with an ice pack, I’ll keep them there, otherwise, the applesauce is fine at room temperature.

Baby care and changing tables: Changing tables are available in almost every bathroom throughout WDW property, both women’s and men’s rooms. The parks also have baby care centers that offer large changing tables, little toilets for potty-training kids, high chairs, kitchens and nursing rooms. Baby essentials are also for sale if you run out of something.  Here's a link for my full article on Disney's baby care centers.

Highchairs and booster seats:  They are available at all of the table service and counter service restaurants.  Typically, they are the large plastic type.  If you use a cover for highchairs at home, leave that out of your suitcase and just pack some clorox wipes to keep things clean.  Here's a link for my full article on highchairs and boosters at WDW.

Change of clothes: I have always carried a change of clothes for my kids. I pack a lightweight outfit, socks and underwear in a gallon bag and squeeze the air out of it. I almost never use it but I guess that's the case with emergency stuff. It is part of the kit I keep under the stroller. So if your kids are messy eaters or likely to want to play in the splash areas, pack accordingly. If not, take your chances and buy a new t-shirt if things get crazy.

Packing: Follow these links for packing your Disney diaper bag and packing children's clothes for WDW.

I have many more tips for traveling with children on our "Kiddo Tips" and "Minnie Moms" tabs.  When you are finished here, be sure to read over those pages as well.

Stroller rules: 

Parking: Strollers will have to be parked before you enter most Walt Disney World attractions. Look for the signs designating "Stroller Parking" and leave your stroller in that area. Do not assume you can leave it somewhere just because there isn't a sign saying "no stroller parking." I have a friend who thought she could leave the stroller anywhere she liked as long as it wasn't specifically prohibited and her stroller was moved. EVERY. TIME. The Cast Members will likely move your stroller to keep things tidy but most of the time it will be in the same general area.

Mark Your Stroller: Since you will have to park amid one hundred other strollers and it's likely that another one looks like yours, please do two things. First, add something brightly colored to the handle. Bandanas and ribbon work well and don't get in your way when you fold the stroller. Some folks recommend using a balloon to mark your stroller, but, and feel free to call me a grinch, I think they are generally too much trouble. We use a bright yellow wrap that is intended to go around the handle of a suitcase to help you spot it at baggage claim. I wrote our last name on it with a sharpie and it works great. The second way I want you to mark your stroller is with your last name and cell phone number. Odds are exceptionally good that you will leave WDW with your stroller but if it were to somehow get misplaced, having some contact information will increase your chances of a happy reunion. I've marked mine with my label maker however your trusty sharpie will help you out here too.

Leaving Things in the Stroller: How much you leave in the stroller while you are inside depends on you. I have seen buggies totally loaded down and those nearly empty. Here's a general rule. DO NOT leave ANYTHING of value in your stroller. This is Disney World, not Utopia. Theft still happens if you give people a chance. I don't leave much in my stroller because I like to be ready for anything and sometimes you can be away from the stroller for a good length of time. If your child is near meltdown while in line and you've left the snacks in the diaper bag in the stroller, you'll really wish you had bothered to pack wisely and carry your bag around with you. I have written on the topic of diaper bags and what to carry several times over the years as the kids have grown. See the links above under "Packing."

You WILL Need A Stroller: Children need strollers at Walt Disney World way after they have outgrown them at home. An older child won't need to ride as often as a small one but especially at the physically larger parks (Epcot, Animal Kingdom), you'll be happy you can push them at the end of the day instead of carrying them. We don't use a stroller for our oldest daughter on every day of the trip anymore but having at least a sit and stand stroller where she can rest occasionally is really helpful. Another bonus is that you can move at an adult pace if you are in a hurry and your child(ren) is(are) in a stroller. I've taken about 5 different strollers over the years. I'll write up my thoughts on those soon.

To Fold or Not to Fold: For the most part, once you are in your park of the day, you can set up your stroller and be on your way. However, you will have to fold it for the trains at Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. If you are using a Disney bus, parking lot tram or smaller boat, strollers will have to be folded before you board. The Magic Kingdom ferry and Monorail will allow you to push the stroller. My strollers require all pockets and baskets to be empty before they will fold, so I keep a little bag that folds into itself in my larger bag. I can quickly round up all the extra stuff we have accumulated before we get on the bus.

Thank you for joining me for this special series.  I hope you've found at least one new tip to help make your Walt Disney World vacation one full of fun and magic.  I'll continue the series later, covering attractions and dining.
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Photo Flashback! The Letter T

Tiki Room and Tower of Terror are two of my favorite Ts at Walt Disney World. However as I prepared this post, I pulled photos from a trip my girls and I took in January 2013 with my best friend. I hope you enjoy these Disney Ts.

Traveling like champs
T-shirts customized for the trip
Traditional shot
Total mess
Tough girl who had to visit the ER on vacation
Tired kiddos
Tiara & the custom Tees
Teddy bear
Trying something new
Terrific Uncle Chris
Twinkling lights, with Shelley Caran's cutie pie daughter
TV while waiting for Magical Express
Tiny…I can't believe how much they have grown this past year

Focused on the Magic
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Friday, December 13, 2013

Quick Tip: Mark Your Stroller

If you have one of these babies, use it.

At Walt Disney World, you are going to leave your stroller outside at most buildings.  And while it's a pretty safe bet that you'll find your stroller fairly close to where you left it, be sure to put your phone number somewhere on it.  This way, if someone accidentally takes your stroller and then leaves it elsewhere, a Cast Member can reach you.  I have used my label maker to put my last name and phone number on the frame of the strollers I have taken to the World.  This also does double-duty of marking them for gate check (you do have your contact information on things you leave with an airline, right??)  And don't worry about the label machine, a piece of tape and a Sharpie will work just fine.

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Trip Prep: Two Weeks Out

Loved this and bought one for each girl.
The colors are much better in person. :)

Hi gang! Happy Monday to you! We leave for WDW two weeks from yesterday.  Here's what I have done in the past week to get us ready.  
  • Called DVC to set up Magical Express
  • Called Southwest to add Minnie since she is still under 2 and can fly for free
  • Made list of clothes we need
  • Shopped for shorts for me (no luck)
  • Bought new running shoes & started breaking them in
  • Started grocery list
  • Bought clothes and mini-sand buckets for the girls
  • Tested diaper and camera bags to decide what to carry this time

I've also been pondering about strollers.  I'll most likely take my Joovy Caboose Ultralight.  It is small for a double and Tink won't ride much anyway.  It will fit in the trunk of my dad's car along with my mom's scooter if we want to drive to the parks.  I'd love to use another City Mini Double from Simple Stroller Rental but then the driving option is out.  I've taken two single Maclarens and a set of stroller connectors before but with Tink preferring to catch a ride with Granny, it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped.  I have a big bag to gate check my Joovy and the rain cover because it's that time of year so we'll go with that.  If it all falls apart and Tink ends up needing a full seat for naps, we'll wing it.  I can always rent a Disney stroller, buy one of the small ones at the World, go to Target, or call for an off-site rental.  

Have a magical week!

These were on clearance in the Easter stuff at Kmart.  I paid about 50 cents each and they are the size of a big coffee cup.  The girls can play with them in the sand at Old Key West and then we'll share them with someone else.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Sneaking in those pre-Disney Training Walks

For those of us who aren't currently in RunDisney shape, hitting the road for exercise before a Disney vacation is still very important.

We are going to Walt Disney World in five weeks for the Flower and Garden Festival. The weather here is gorgeous today and preschool started back so I had no excuse not to get in a walk.

If you are having trouble fitting in the pre-Disney miles that will make your vacation easier, try my trick. I put my younger daughter in the jogging stroller when we arrive at preschool. After we get Tink to class, Minnie and I walk the parking lots of the church/school before getting in the van.

Consider taking a walk while you are somewhere you have to be anyway. That way there is no extra travel time. Just keep some good shoes in your car and take a few laps before you head off to your next destination.

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Stroller Rental Review: Simple Stroller Rental

For our girls' trip in January, I was able to use a stroller from Simple Stroller Rental and it was a lifesaver!
Simple Stroller Rental, Disney stroller

On this vacation, I flew by myself with my two girls, ages 3 and 19 months.  We currently own more strollers than I really care to admit but none of them would both work for two kids and be easy for me to gate check with the children and other gear in tow.  Thankfully, I connected with Simple Stroller Rental and was able to fly with just my smallest umbrella stroller, knowing a comfy full-size double would be waiting for me at Old Key West.  I had a direct flight to Orlando and if my youngest had been a little older, we would not have taken a second stroller at all.

disney stroller rental
The girls and Aunt Amy enjoying Magic Kingdom
On the morning of our flight, I received a text message from Simple Stroller Rental letting me know that my stroller had been delivered to Old Key West and wished me a good trip.  So before I was even at the airport, I knew we were all set.  Yay! One more thing off the mental checklist.

When we arrived at Old Key West, I saw a couple of strollers waiting for their families near the Bell Services storage room.  After checking-in, buying groceries and dinner, and borrowing DVDs, I asked the bellman for my stroller.  One big click (the stroller opens really easy) and a small tip later and we were off to the room.  Both of the girls wanted to hop in right away.

disney stroller rental
Comfy seats for naptime
Our rental stroller was a Baby Jogger City Mini Double in a beautiful shade of red.  If you've been to the parks in the last few years, you've seen this stroller and for good reason.  Let's start with the seats.  Parents like that the five point harness is easy to adjust.  The straps do twist just a bit but it doesn't take long to get the hang of quickly getting kids in and out of this stroller.  Children like the seats because they sit up nicely while awake and have a nearly flat recline for naptime.  My oldest daughter enjoyed pulling down the canopy and having her own little cave.  And speaking of canopies, they are really big and operate independently of each other.  The stroller pushes really well.  I was even able to maneuver it uphill one-handed with two sleeping children (and BFF will want me to disclose that the other hand was busy with a Grand Marnier slush from France.)

The City Mini Double was pretty easy to deal with on Disney transportation.  First, the fold could not be simpler.  All you do is grab the two handles in the back of the seats and pull up quickly.  It folds fairly flat and can stand alone.  It's over 25 pounds but neither Amy S. or I had any trouble getting it on or off of buses.  When we took it to Downtown Disney on a boat from Old Key West, the captain just asked me to store it up front.  Again, simple.  When loaded with two children, it took two of us to get the stroller on and off the monorail, but no big deal.  It was also narrow enough to go through every doorway we encountered and I didn't have a problem getting through any stores either.  It also folded small enough to tuck it away between a bed and the wall in our room to save floorspace.

stroller at Walt Disney World
Great canopy for hiding from Mom's camera
My only complaint about this stroller is the basket.  It's a large basket but hard to access so you won't be able to put a diaper bag under there.  I added my own hooks to the handlebar.  I know you aren't supposed to do that but we didn't have a very heavy backpack and never had any issues with tipping.  I also added a brightly colored luggage handle cover to the stroller to help us spot ours in the stroller corrals.  You won't be able to leave anything in the basket when you fold the stroller so make sure you have somewhere for your stuff to go.  I carry a small tote bag that packs into its own tiny bag so that we have a quick place to shove jackets, etc when it is time to get on the bus.

I was given a raincover for the stroller but the weather was nice and we didn't have to use it.  It's only $10 for the entire length of the rental and we all know you could certainly get your money's worth during some times of year in Florida.

Simple Stroller Rental includes the parent console with their strollers so you have a place to carry your beverage or other small items.  Ours was a Bob-branded one but fit well and had two cup holders and a zipper pouch.  I keep napkins there for quick access.

At the end of the vacation, we returned the stroller to Bell Services and Simple Stroller Rental picked it up later that day.  It just could not have been easier.  I reserved my stroller back in September and found their website to be a breeze to use.  I've had a question or two and the customer service was great.  The stroller was very easy to use, but instructions were included just in case we had any problems.  Having a double stroller so perfectly suited to Walt Disney World was terrific.  Basically, I am a very happy customer!

Many thanks to Simple Stroller Rental for providing us a stroller for this review!  Please check out their site to browse the single and double strollers available for rental during your next Walt Disney World or Central Florida vacation.  Use code "growingupdisney" for a 10% discount!

Disney stroller rental

Disney stroller rental

Disney stroller rental

Disney stroller rental

Disney stroller rental

Disney stroller rental

Disney stroller rental

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