Monday, December 10, 2012

Going Under the Sea at the Annual Passholder Preview

The Growing Up Disney family attended the annual passholder preview last month at New Fantasyland.  It was terrific to see the area with only a few other guests.  I imagine that it will be quite busy for some time to come.  In the meantime, let's take a photo tour of Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid.

Under the Sea, New Fantasyland, Little Mermaid
Very pretty signage

Under the Sea, New Fantasyland, Little Mermaid
Prince Eric's castle

Under the Sea, New Fantasyland, Little Mermaid

Under the Sea, New Fantasyland, Little Mermaid

Under the Sea, New Fantasyland, Little Mermaid
Queen of the World!
The queue is set-up so that you have to walk quite a way, even if there isn't a wait.  However, there is an interactive element that makes it fun.   A little crab appears in various areas and will take away the human stuff when you point at it.  It's very cute.

Hop in the clam shell omnimover, enjoy the beautiful murals, go through the shipwreck...

And then Scuttle takes guests on a journey under the sea through all the major scenes and songs from the film.

Overall, it's a fun attraction and very well-done.  I'm not one that thinks that everything has to have a movie tie-in so on one hand, I question why we need a new and expensive attraction for an old movie.  On the other hand, I rode this twice and once was was two three year-old girls.  They loved it and for them, their beloved Disney Princesses are new and fresh.  With the overall popularity of Disney Princesses, Under the Sea should be a well-attended attraction.

A quick note for parents of small children: The scene with Ursula could be scary for some kids.  Neither my daughter or her friend panicked but if your child is easily frightened, be prepared for this part of the attraction.


  1. My daughters will be 6 and 5 on our next trip and they cannot wait to experience this attraction! Thanks for the tip on the potentially scary part!


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