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Growing Up Disney Birthday Kick-off & Giveaway #1 Winners

We will soon be celebrating our one year blogoversary.  It's April 26, but I love stretching out my own birthday, so why not party here for a month?  Plus, it seems to be Disney's way too.  Wasn't the Cakestle up for a year and a half?

Please check with us throughout the month for special giveaways from Growing Up Disney, Travel with the Magic, Beyond the Attractions, and Eversave Orlando.

I'll also be highlighting our wonderful team (my family), our Minnie Moms, guest posters, former giveaway sponsors, and any other thank yous I can work in to the schedule.

I hope you have fun celebrating along with us.


To start the party, let's give away a couple of favors.  On his recent trip to Walt Disney World, Ridge bought these two pins to give to our readers.  Epcot is a wonderful place all the time, but now it's transformed for the Flower and Garden Festival.  These annual passholder and DVC exclusive pins will help remind you of this beautiful time of year.  We have two pins, so let's have two winners.

You get one entry for each of the following. Please note each as a separate entry in the comments section below so I know what you have done.  (If you are already following us through any of these channels, just note that. Hey, free entry!)

  • REQUIRED: What is your favorite time of year at Walt Disney World and why?
Additional entries:

This contest ends at midnight Eastern time on Thursday, April 7, 2011, and is limited to residents of the United States and Canada.  The winners will be chosen at random from all eligible entries. You'll be notified via email and have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen. Good luck!

The winning comment #s (determined by random number generator) are 26 and 5.  Congratulations to Susanmeep and Bird. 

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Traditions & Your Key to the World

One tradition on every trip to Walt Disney World is The Signing of the “cards” or correctly the signing of “Your Key to the World” cards. Each trip when we check in at our Disney Vacation Club resort we get our “Welcome Home” package of information and our valuable Your Key to the World cards. Everyone in the room gets their own personalized card.

The Your Key to the World card is your room key and much more. It is your identification card that says you are a guest at Walt Disney World. And it has an arrow on the front to show you which direction to insert it into your door lock so you can actually get into your room.

It has the dates of your stay and in our case the words *DVC MEMBER*. (The *DVC MEMBER* gives us discounts on dining at many restaurants around WDW as well as other discounts.)

Your Key to the World card can also be your Park Ticket. If you have purchased tickets as part of your vacation package your card is your admission to the Parks. If you have your admission ticket on your card it can be used to obtain the all important FassPass for your favorite attractions.

If you have purchased one of the Disney Dining Plans, Your Key to the World card is also your “meal ticket”. The card identifies you are on the dining plan and you use your card to redeem you meal credits.

If you put up a credit card on your stay for “incidentals”, the Your Key to the World card may also be used to charge back to your room anything you want to purchase in the parks. Shopping, Dining, or snacks. Everywhere in The World allows you to charge back to your room, including most all of the food carts.

This brings us back to our Tradition of “The Signing.”

Your Key to the World is plastic, like a credit card, and includes a magnetic strip on the back as well as the box for you to sign your card. When you check in and put a credit card on your account you may designate which cards may have charging privileges. I have always allowed charging for all my family. I have always let the kids know they may use the card if necessary to buy something to eat, but I don’t remember if anyone has used it for that. Amy and Ridge have always been very responsible with their cards.

So since this is a charge card, everyone must sign their card the first thing when I pass out the cards. It has become the tradition that says “Welcome Home” you have arrived at Walt Disney World. Your vacation trip has begun.

This is a tradition that continues even though my children are adults on their own. But when they come with me to Walt Disney World I still give my children charging privileges on the room. They might get caught out without any money and get hungry. ;-) And so when we arrive and I hand out the Cards, everyone must take time to sign them, and once they do, our vacation has officially begun.

I don't seem to be without my card, even after we come home. The one pictured above is from our last trip. It has been in my wallet with all my "stuff" since the trip. I took it out just to take it's picture. It seems like it stays there until I get my next "Welcome Home" packet and a new Your Key To the World card. And I can always pull it out, remember the last trip and dream of our next.

What Traditions does your family have on your trips to The World?

Friday, March 25, 2011

We're almost ONE!

Growing Up Disney will soon be one.  What started as a desire to share what I had learned while visiting with my daughter has grown into a wonderful experience!  I've met some amazing people and have loved sharing my family's stories and yours. 

Be sure to check the blog during April for our celebration.  I'll be thanking those who have contributed to the site over the past year, both bloggers and giveaway sponsors. 

And don't forget, a birthday needs presents and these will be for you!  Ridge picked up a couple of surprises on his recent WDW trip and Kelly at Travel with the Magic is sending even more Disney goodies.  Let me know if you'd like to give a gift to our readers. 

Thanks to all who have been a part of this journey, both readers and writers!  Let's celebrate!

Guest Post: 3 Kids in Diapers or Pull-ups

In 2008, my husband and I decided it was time to bring all three of our children to Walt Disney World for Hayley and Emily’s first trip and Joey’s second trip.  Emily was just 10 months at the time and in diapers.  Hayley had just turned two and was starting to show some interest in potty training.  Joey was three and a half and in pull ups but almost potty trained.  When we arrived in Orlando, I thought I was prepared – pacifiers, security blankets, bibs, sippy cups, two strollers and every other item I thought I would need.  What I forgot?  Mentally preparing myself for a week long Disney trip with three children in diapers.  I learned some valuable lessons that I am happy to share with you.

1. Disposable changing table pads are a must have item, not only for the parks, but also for the plane and hotel room.  Some airlines do not have changing tables in the bathrooms.  The flight attendants will tell you to change your child on the seat.  This is important not only for you to be prepared for changing your own child on the seat, but also, now that I know this, I always make sure I wipe down the seat before putting my children’s seat belts on. 

2. We always bring a back pack into the parks.  For this particular trip, I purchased a larger one than I would normally carry, but I made sure the straps fit over the handles of our stroller, so that no one would be carrying it around all day.  I brought a full box of wipes into the parks every day, as well as a supply of diapers/pullups for each child.  Even though we always planned midday breaks back at the hotel room, I always packed a full days supply because you just never know where the day will bring you.

3. Joey was almost potty trained when we arrived in Disney.  His issue was more that if we didn’t remind him to use the potty, he didn’t ask to use it on his own.  At home it is easy to give the consistent reminders to use the potty.  In Disney, we lost that consistency.  At the end of the second day, it hit Pierre and I that we had to get back to routine. Once we did that, Joey was back on track.  Lesson learned here is that keeping home routines consistent when in the parks, or as consistent as possible, is important for your child’s potty training success.

4. Hayley, just two at the time, was the height of an average four year old, so there was no place to change her but standing in a bathroom stall.  This was not an issue for the actual diaper change.  It was the fact that the toilets were so loud that it scared Hayley to a point that she refused to go in the bathrooms.  It made for a very long week when every time we needed to bring her into the bathroom, she turned from my character loving princess to a terrified, screaming child.  It was heartbreaking.  This actually was the beginning of a long term health issue that Hayley is still struggling with today, two and a half years later.  If you are taking a child to Disney who is getting ready to start potty training, what our family has been struggling with is a very rare case (only occurs in 1-3% of all children, with only 8% of that number being girls), and this should definitely not deter you from taking your potty training child on a Disney vacation.  But my lesson learned was that Disney toilets are very loud and depending on your child, you may need to prepare them for that.

In the end, though we had some trying moments, it was a great Disney vacation filled with amazing memories.  Now we are preparing for our next trip to Walt Disney World and I am happy to say we will be diaper free!  It is quite an exciting milestone for us.  

Contributed by Beth D. of Meredith, NH.  Wife to Pierre, proud mom to Joey, Hayley & Emily, creator of Pursuing the Magic, founder of The Magical Blogorail and contributor to Growing Up Disney's Minnie Moms.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Photo Flashback! It's the little things

The Growing Up Disney family recently did a team post on why we keep going back to Walt Disney World.  For me, one reason is the little things Disney does to make your day special.  This series of photos was taken in 2008 on Main Street USA as we walked to breakfast at Crystal Palace.  Plenty of people just walked right by this young man.  This custodial Cast Member was "painting" Mickey Mouse, and quite well I might add, on the pavement in water.  It's such a fleeting thing but just one more example of why you need to slow down and take in the details during a WDW vacation.  And I don't know if he was really from Custodial or not, but I do know there are lots of aspiring artists among the rank and file Cast Members.  When I worked at Crystal Palace, one of the other seaters was a talented animator working in the park to pay the bills while he pursued his real passion.  

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Double Strollers, Please help!

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller, Orange
Bob Revolution Duallie
I am expecting Baby E2 in a couple of months.  I'm looking ahead at double strollers and could really use some advice before I plunk down big bucks for one (or two) of these rigs.

Currently I have a Bob Revolution Single and it worked great for carrying the infant seat and I love it for walks/jogging with Tink.  Yes, it's big but it turns on a dime so I've never had problems with it.  I wanted a second stroller for travel (aka Walt Disney World) and bought a Maclaren Volo.  I love the Volo too.  It is lightweight, easily maneuverable, well-built, and has a high weight limit for an umbrella stroller.  (I watched sales and got smokin' good deals on both strollers.)  As much as I love my Bob, I don't know how it could be your only stroller.  There are places where it's just too big such as trips to the doctor's office and we do that often since the baby will be here soon.
Baby Trend Columbia Sit N Stand LX Stroller - Green/ Gray
Baby Trend Sit N Stand

For E2, I've looked at the Bob Dualies (sticker shock!) as well as sit and stand-type strollers, inline strollers, and double umbrellas, like the Maclaren Twin Triumph.  I need somewhere for the kiddos to be safely contained when I'm running errands but I'd love for it to be tough enough for the park and ultimately jogging.  I'd really like to think I could get one good double and let that be it. **wishful thinking**

Tink will still sit well in a stroller, so I think a sit and stand is out.  Why encourage her to run around if I don't have to?

Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller, Coffee and Silver
Maclaren Twin Triumph
The BOB Dualie would be awesome and I want to get back into running but I could pay for many months at the Y for that cost ($700-800 with a few basic accessories.)  We now live within driving distance of Walt Disney World (woo hoo!) so I would be able to take it to the World in the van.  I know a stroller that large would be a nightmare with buses, so maybe we'd just drive to the parks during the stroller years.  Even for their large size, Bob strollers maneuver well, have a high weight limit per child, go over all terrain with ease, and are high quality construction.  The huge canopies are a real plus in the Florida (and North Carolina, for that matter) sun.  (While I am a huge fan of Bob, I have also looked at less expensive joggers for once the girls are a bit older.  I'm no speed demon anyway so the lower cost option would work fine.)

Something like the Maclaren Twin Triumph would be nice for errands and much lighter-weight for travel.  However, it's not suitable for infants under 6 months old and will not hold an infant car seat.  They have better suspension than most umbrellas but even a walk on a suburban sidewalk is jarring compared to Bob.

Britax B-Ready Stroller, Black
Britax B-Ready in single mode
I don't care for the larger, inline Graco-type strollers.  Graco does many things really well, but in my opinion, strollers are their current weakness.  I've recently found a very cool inline stroller with tons of options, the Britax B-Ready.  It converts in all sorts of ways (14!).  You can carry one single child in the standard seat, a car seat or a bassinet. Or you can add another seat or car seat to the lower portion and have space for two kiddos.  Unlike some of the other options I've considered, this one has a large basket that is accessible from several angles.  It's also not cheap.  The basic stroller plus the jump seat and car seat adapter is about $600.  I saw a very detailed video review of this system and it seems to be better thought out than more expensive versions of the same idea, such as the Phil and Ted's line.  Definitely not a jogger, but it's better suited for a long walk than the Maclaren.  (Ooh!  After I had written and scheduled this article, I was doing a bit more research.  Britax is currently running a "Free Ride" event and offering a free Chaperone car seat, 2nd seat for the B-Ready, or the B-Ready bassinet.  Even more research has turned up a similar offer for a Phil and Ted's stroller.  It's a little less convertible and more jogger friendly.  Still hunting...)

I carried Tink around quite often in a sling when she was very small and I plan on doing the same with her little sister.  So to begin with, I'll wear the baby and Tink can use one of her current strollers or walk.  I know the time will come when I will need to corral them both.  I'd like to hold on to my current strollers because I know we'll get back to needing only a single.  And speaking of that, some people use stroller connectors at Walt Disney World.  This means they take two single umbrella strollers and link them with the connectors.  This works best with two of the same stroller.  While it doesn't work as well as a dedicated double, it does give you the option of splitting up.  Maybe you could take one stroller and the older child, while Granny takes a break with the sleeping little one.

Ugh, so many options!  I just want to make the best investment I can, getting the most use and the least hassle for my money.

What have you done, good or bad?  I'd love to hear your tips both for the real world, Walt Disney World and other travel.  Many thanks!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Walk Around The World With Ridge: Trip Recap/Hitting the Highlights Part 2

On Tuesday 03/08/11, I started out early and moved to Hollywood Studios. I had little to no plans once I got there. I walked (as opposed to hovering) over to One Man's Dream since it was closed when I was here in October. I am enamoured with all of the early memorabilia and mock-ups of the attractions and park icons. Walt's office was of particular interest. The fact that there were four ashtrays around the desk was not at all lost on me.

After watching the movie at the end, I checked my times guide and moved over to the Great Movie Ride then over to Muppets to see if I could snap a few pictures and see the show. Pictures yes, show no. The queue was around the building and coming out to the fountain so I decided to call it and go find something for lunch. But not before having Miss Piggy pose for a picture.

After I bid Miss Piggy au revoir, I went to find a quick bite to eat but soon found out that being almost 12:30, everyone else had the same idea. There wasn't a quick service location that wasn't overrun with hungry humanity. I had what I deemed to be a bright idea...Carrot Cake Cookie from the Writers Stop. Now in theory this was a brilliant move however in practice not the best nutritional choice. As delicious as it is, it is also a one way ticket to a diabetic coma.

I fought off the sleepiness from the goodness overload and moved over to Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show. Its a nice show and holds 5000 people and a fun distraction wathcing something go fast and blow up. In that respect it doesn't get old and it is a nice place for me to play with the shutter speeds on my DSLR. I have too many pictures of this. After the show I headed back to the hotel to take a nap then journeyed back to Magic Kingdom for Wishes and met up with Mary's brother John again. We spent more time wandering around finding things to photograph.

On Wednesday I spent the entire day at Epcot walking miles and miles. I had lunch at Via Napoli (see the post about that here.) That day was spent simply enjoying Epcot and taking pictures. I did however relive my youth and watch Captain EO. It was a little strange to see something that has been gone for so long make such a triumphant return. MJ's scandals aside, Captain EO is a feel-good show. I think I meandered through every shop and pavilion and scoped out places to watch Illuminations later. When that time came I set up shop near Mexico and once again met up with John and Mary. This was the first time I have watched Illuminations in quite a while. It is interesting to now watch it through the lens of a camera.

After the show Mary, John and I took the long way around World Showcase to grab some shots of the pavilions lit up but with no people milling about. That and it was another nice chance to talk. It proved to be a fantastic idea. We closed the place down that night.

That brings me to the end of a wonderful trip.

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Walk Around The World With Ridge: Trip Recap/Hitting the Highlights

My trip earlier this month (March 4-10) was an adventure in planning for me. I had until this trip never planned anything Disney with the express purpose of going it alone. Now that is not to say I was alone when I got there because I met all the little faces I see on twitter and message boards and some podcast hosts. I would like to say going alone was a resounding success. It was extremely cathartic to come and go as I pleased, do whatever I wanted and not have to do anything more if I didn’t want to do so. You know what I found out, no, oh I need to tell you then. I found out I like to walk and wonder about the time, planning, detail, logistics and final execution of such a plan (WDW) that was so close to not happening, is able to be pulled off and that it continually brings in the crowds.

My trip started directly following work and I drove off into the night to my off-property hotel (previously covered, click here to read that story) to get a little rest before the inner mouse meet at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. At 11 Saturday morning walking up to Flame Tree BBQ I saw JL and met Scott and John from Inner Mouse. I met maybe 40 people that day. It was quite a lot of fun to watch Moxie shots and talk to the box people who didn’t hear JL and called me ‘Rich’ in the chat room. No worries though, I was glad to take part. Then after lunch I met Lou Mongello and Steve Barrett. Both of these men are super generous with their time and wonderful and gracious to talk to. Lou gave me his Main Street audio guide and I will be writing a little review for it very soon.

Later that night was the Annual Passholders' event for the 5th Anniversary of Expedition Everest: Journey to the Forbidden Mountain. I haven’t been part of an AP event since Mission Space opened. Much like back then I got to ride until I didn’t want to ride anymore. Then I rode it once more for good measure. Also open that night were Dinosaur and Triceratop Spin the evening was complete with a DJ. It was nice to see what we could of that park in the dark since it generally closes around sundown. Some of the gang chose to dance it up with the kids. There was lots of electric slide-ing going on. When closing time finally came, we walked out of the park, then the long walk out to the car to go home and sleep until it was time to start over.

Sunday was check-in day at Saratoga Springs Resort.  I had completed the online check–in 10 days prior to my arrival which was good since the check-in lines at 11 am were very long. My fault for going during Spring Break. Not to worry though, the online check-in went pretty fast and I actually got to have a choice of building I wanted to stay in. It was up to three locations though none of them were ready at that time. I chose over in the Paddock set of buildings since I have stayed over in that area before. However they neglected to tell me that the Paddock bus stop and lazy pool area with laundry was closed for renovation. It wasn’t a huge problem to overcome just, would have been good information to have when making decisions. No matter, I stayed in a Deluxe Studio so I wasn’t really hurting.

On Monday I took my Keys to the Kingdom tour at Magic Kingdom. It is a 4:30-5 hour tour onstage and backstage and it points out many of the things the casual visitor may not know. We spent time on Main Street talking about the windows then around to Adventureland where I found out that the thatch roofing is *spoilier* aluminium. We saw backstage where Main Street Electrical is housed during the day as well as the floats for the 3 o'clock parade. After we all seemed thoroughly impressed, we stopped for lunch at Columbia Harbor House where I got the pleasure of sitting with our guide Claire, who was so nice and continued to tell me even more about the parks and how it all works. After lunch we got taken into the Haunted Mansion throught the VIP entrance (themed all the way with keys to the rooms and servants bells on the wall). Did you know that the frame the parlor has hundreds of little classic Mickeys around it? Well you do know and if you did already, have a sticker.

Monday afternoon was nice because I went back to Epcot and took my time just snapping pictures of the topiary not knowing that at the end of the week they would be adding some new ones. That evening I decided I wanted to go back to Magic Kingdom for Wishes and take my tripod. Also I was going to meet a twitter friend, Mary (her blog here) and her brother John, who had arrived earlier in the day. I met them outside the Crystal Palace where they found me disappointed because I had forgotten the quick release attachment for my camera making the tripod 5 pounds of useless metal. We watched Wishes and talked, then moved over to the hub to watch "The Magic, The Memories and You," the newest laser light show that projects pictures taken around the park that day onto the castle. If you missed my video of it, go here. After that show, we talked more and headed to I really want to say Pirates 1st, where we talked through the entire ride then rode a night time Jungle Cruise. Then we talked more and walked over and rode Big Thunder Mountain. We tried to talk through this too but the laughing and screamlaughing took precedence. We then talked all the way out of the park and then parted ways. John did snap us a photo since I think I did have the honour of being her first twitter friend to meet in person. Here we are, aren't we lovely?

Like to know how my trip ends?  Well kids, this is a two parter, tune in Saturday, same Mouse time, Same Mouse channel to hear the rest.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Photo Flashback! Say Cheese!

Cheese snacks in the shape of the "Big Cheese" himself. I found these at my local Walmart and judging from the package, it appears to be an exclusive product. So if, like me, you don't care for said store, at least there is a fun treat waiting. Tink went absolutely crazy for these cheese snacks. I think she would have eaten the whole bag if I had allowed her to do so. I was lucky to be able to snap this quick picture.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Register Early for the 2012 Marathon/Half/Goofy and Save!

In addition to the regular early-bird discount, I just received an email stating that Disney Visa Cardmembers will receive an extra $15 off the half or full marathons or $30 off of the Goofy Challenge in the form of a credit.  Of course, there is all sorts of fine print and you have to register using your Disney Visa.  If you are on the Disney Visa email list, follow the link in your email to take advantage of this offer.  If you didn't authorize promotional emails, log in to your account and I am hoping the same offer is there.  (Sorry, I didn't have time to check out that option.)

Click here for a past article about how my family uses the Disney Visa to "save" a little extra fun money for vacation.

Baby E2 will still be a little bitty one in early 2012 so I won't be joining you this time, but to those who will run the 2012 races, "EARS TO YOU!" and happy training.

Merry Monday Morning!

I, Ridge, have been tasked with welcoming you all to Monday morning. With that I hope you have all had at least a sip of coffee because I have a picture I am really proud of and have been sitting on it for a week. Saturday, March 4th, was the Yeti's 5th birthday at Disney's Animal Kingdom. I was lucky enough to go to the AP event that night and had the chance to ride more times than I cared to keep count. Fortunately, I captured this rare image of the Yeti as he almost got us. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Yeti.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Magic, The Memories and You!

Good Sunday Morning! I hope everyone is having wonderful weather and spending time with family today. Thanks for stopping by and spending a moment with Growing Up Disney. I have a special treat to share this morning. Video of the new nighttime laser light projection show at the Magic Kingdom: The Magic, The Memories and You! enjoy the video. It is available in HD so don't forget to change your viewing quality.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Team Post: Disney Bucket List

Yesterday, Amy shared her Disney bucket list as a part of the Magical Blogorail. This is a topic the Growing Up Disney family had also been kicking around as a team post idea. So the guys decided to get in on the fun. Below are their Disney bucket lists. Amy's can be found here.

DisneyDad: The thought of a Disney Bucket List is interesting. I’m not the type to make to-do lists. (Item 1 – Make List; Item 2 – Forget where you put the list) Several things on my list are “wishes” rather than things I expect to ever do. I started making my list as I could think of To-Do items then went back and added some that are To-DONE. I could have added some other things that have been done already like: Take my Bride on our honeymoon to WDW (done 1973) or Take my daughter on her first trip to WDW (done 1979). It would take me a while to write down all the special things we have done over the years at WDW. Below are things I’d like to do along with a few that I have already done.

Disney Bucket List
  1. Dine at Victoria and Albert’s with my wife (I ate at Chef's Table with my daughter just before her wedding and it was fantastic)
  2. Go on the Around the World at Epcot Segway tour
  3. Spend the night in the "Castle Suite"
  4. Dine at Via Napoli in Epcot
  5. Go on the Magic behind the Steam Train Tour at MK
  6. Go on the Backstage Magic Tour at Epcot
  7. Go on the Backstage Safari tour at AK
  8. Watch Illuminations at Epcot from a boat on the World Showcase Lagoon
  9. Rent the Magic Kingdom for an after hours dinner event
  10. Do a world tour of the Disney Parks
  11. Be the Grand Marshall in one of the 3 o’clock parades down Main Street
  12. Stay at the DVC Aulani resort in Hawaii
  13. Eat a Dole Whip with my grandchildren
  14. Have my picture taken with Mickey Mouse dressed as Sorcerer's Apprentice
  15. Go on the Disney Dream in a veranda suite (been on the Magic and Wonder)
  16. Walk with my Granddaughter as she takes her first steps down Main Street - Done
  17. Walk with my second Granddaughter as she takes her first steps down Main Street
  18. Stay in a Grand Villa at OKW - Done
  19. Walk my daughter down the aisle at the Wedding Pavilion on her wedding day - Done
  20. Walk my granddaughter down the aisle at the Wedding Pavilion on her wedding day
  21. Buy a home in Golden Oaks
  22. Win the Florida Lottery ( OK this one is not Disney, but it's the only way I can afford some of these)

Ridge: Bucket list… usually these are reserved for doing the impossible, improbable, implausible, the questionable, problematic, challenging or just downright wishful things before we die. Of course in this scenario it isn’t my turn to go, but Disney’s time. What if they were to kick the bucket? What are some of the last things we would want to do before the parks, studios, stores, television and all other subsidiaries were to shut down or change hands to someone other than the Walt Disney Company?

(I have no order to any of this. They are simply the first things to pop into my mind.)
  1. Take a dinner/fireworks cruise on the Grand One.
  2. Take a real cruise on the Magic, Wonder and Dream cruise ships.
  3. Stay one last long weekend at OKW.
  4. Visit each of the parks. (Around the world)
  5. See Walt’s Office at the studios in Burbank.
  6. Spend a day at the archives.
  7. Spend a day with Bob Gurr.
  8. Have 6 & 7 happen at the same time.
  9. Have the ultimate fastpass that was good anytime I wanted it and I just walked to the front of the line.
  10. Spend a day with Charlie Ridgeway.
  11. Drive the locomotives.
  12. Take some of the trips with Destinations by Disney.
  13. Ride Space Moutian, Rockin' Roller coaster and Expedition Everest with the lights ON.
  14. Ride Toy Story Midway Mania as many times as I want.
  15. Stay in each of the resorts.
  16. Be a Jungle Cruise skipper for a day.
  17. Be a Safari driver for a day.
  18. Spend the day with Steve Barrett hearing all the stories about hidden Mickeys.

What did we miss that's on your list? 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Magical Blogorail: Disney Bucket List

Welcome to those of you joining me from Meet the Magic. I am the 4th stop on our Magical Blogorail.

I love this topic. Walt Disney World has so much to offer and I may not ever see/do it all. It’s fun to spend a little time dreaming about what I would do if the sky was the limit. Some of my ideas are grand, others simple. Some have already received their checkmark, and others wait to be explored. Just like DisneyParks are ever changing, so is this list. As the Imagineers create new experiences, I’ll have to add to my wish list.

(in no particular order)

1. Watch my first daughter walk down Main Street hand in hand with her Granddaddy. Check.

2. Watch my second daughter walk down Main Street with Granddaddy.

3. Marry my Prince Charming at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion. Check.

4. Dine at Victoria and Albert’s chef’s table. Check.

5. Spend a night in a honeymoon suite at the Grand Floridian. Check (but I want to repeat this one.)

6. Go on a Disney cruise. Check (again, this one needs to be repeated.)

7. Spend a night in the suite in Cinderella Castle. (I’m wishing, I’m wishing…)

8. Dine at Citrico’s and Narcoosee’s.

9. Take an Illuminations Cruise.

10. Stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge (savannah view.)

11. Take one of the special Animal Kingdom tours.

12. Take my girls to tea with Granny at the Grand Floridian.

13. Ride Dumbo with my girls.

14. Attend Party for the Senses.

15. Be Grand Marshal of a parade at Magic Kingdom. (With my family of course.)

16. Meet Julie Andrews. (I know this one is really reaching, but it’s my wish list.)

17. Plan a family/friends trip for our wedding anniversary.

18. Dance with my girls during a Magic Kingdom parade.

19. Get first haircuts for the girls at Harmony Barber Shop.

20. Run a Disney marathon and be cheered on by my family. Check.

21. Run a Disney marathon and be cheered on by my family, including "Go Mom!" signs from my daughters.

22. Surprise my parents for their anniversary at Cinderella's Royal Table. Check.

23. Send my husband on one of the fishing excursions.

24. Get a massage at the spa at the Grand Floridian. Check. (Must repeat!)

25. Dance with Mickey on my wedding day. Check. (Total surprise! Thanks DisneyDad!)

26. Finally break down and buy a Disney Dooney. (After the diaper bag years.)

27. Go to Disneyland and get a tour from Chad at Days in the Park.

28. Try a Grey Goose slushie once I am finally not pregnant on a WDW trip.

29.  Attend a Wishes dessert party.

30. Never stop adding to this list.

This is a topic the Growing Up Disney family also had on our to-do list, so the guys have participated too. Check back tomorrow for their bucket lists.

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