Saturday, March 19, 2011

Walk Around The World With Ridge: Trip Recap/Hitting the Highlights Part 2

On Tuesday 03/08/11, I started out early and moved to Hollywood Studios. I had little to no plans once I got there. I walked (as opposed to hovering) over to One Man's Dream since it was closed when I was here in October. I am enamoured with all of the early memorabilia and mock-ups of the attractions and park icons. Walt's office was of particular interest. The fact that there were four ashtrays around the desk was not at all lost on me.

After watching the movie at the end, I checked my times guide and moved over to the Great Movie Ride then over to Muppets to see if I could snap a few pictures and see the show. Pictures yes, show no. The queue was around the building and coming out to the fountain so I decided to call it and go find something for lunch. But not before having Miss Piggy pose for a picture.

After I bid Miss Piggy au revoir, I went to find a quick bite to eat but soon found out that being almost 12:30, everyone else had the same idea. There wasn't a quick service location that wasn't overrun with hungry humanity. I had what I deemed to be a bright idea...Carrot Cake Cookie from the Writers Stop. Now in theory this was a brilliant move however in practice not the best nutritional choice. As delicious as it is, it is also a one way ticket to a diabetic coma.

I fought off the sleepiness from the goodness overload and moved over to Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show. Its a nice show and holds 5000 people and a fun distraction wathcing something go fast and blow up. In that respect it doesn't get old and it is a nice place for me to play with the shutter speeds on my DSLR. I have too many pictures of this. After the show I headed back to the hotel to take a nap then journeyed back to Magic Kingdom for Wishes and met up with Mary's brother John again. We spent more time wandering around finding things to photograph.

On Wednesday I spent the entire day at Epcot walking miles and miles. I had lunch at Via Napoli (see the post about that here.) That day was spent simply enjoying Epcot and taking pictures. I did however relive my youth and watch Captain EO. It was a little strange to see something that has been gone for so long make such a triumphant return. MJ's scandals aside, Captain EO is a feel-good show. I think I meandered through every shop and pavilion and scoped out places to watch Illuminations later. When that time came I set up shop near Mexico and once again met up with John and Mary. This was the first time I have watched Illuminations in quite a while. It is interesting to now watch it through the lens of a camera.

After the show Mary, John and I took the long way around World Showcase to grab some shots of the pavilions lit up but with no people milling about. That and it was another nice chance to talk. It proved to be a fantastic idea. We closed the place down that night.

That brings me to the end of a wonderful trip.

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  1. What a trip! And that last picture of Spaceship Earth is epic.


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