Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm here!!! Check in at the Safari.

Good morning! So yes it was a long day, I did go to work yesterday morning and at noon made my way to Orlando via Auburn, AL. I chose to head through Auburn because it is on the way using HWY 280 to Columbus, GA then over to Tifton, GA then down 75 south to Orlando. Also this is my old stomping grounds for I am an Auburn Tiger. Gave many good years and had lots of fun on that campus. So I needed to swing by and see the trees at Toomer's Corner. For anyone not familiar with Auburn or the trees, there are a couple of oak trees that are 130 years old and a very unstable person claiming to be in favor of a rival team in our state of ALABAMA *hint* poisoned the trees. The University is trying to save them but it isn't looking good. Here they are looking a might bit sickly.

After I drove past the devastation I stopped for lunch at one of the best rib joints I have had the pleasure of eating at - Mike & Ed's. So after spending about an hour seeing the tree and having lunch I headed down 280 to my ultimate goal, WDW. The rest of the drive was uneventful more or less and many hours later I arrived. Checking in at the Sheraton Safari Hotel and Suites about a block away from the Cross Roads entrance to Disney property. So far it is nice, check in was quick and easy the elevator was convenient to where I parked and my room key worked. Positives all.

The room is large and somewhat themed to what I assume is an African motif. Like a crazy person I took pictures of the room before bringing my bags in out of the hall.

The bathroom is nice and seems very clean my only complaint would be that the light switch is located in the bedroom area and behind where the door opens. Just doesn't seem to fit since it is the first switch you come to yet it turns on the bathroom light you can't see.

The counter space is a good size for this room and has a hair dryer and a coffee maker available. In the closet is the safe, luggage rack and iron and ironing board.

One other nice aspect of this hotel is that all the rooms have a small balcony and a sliding glass door to step out of on to that small balcony. The weather is nice and my room faces east so good morning sunrise.

Like the room key sleeve? Looks a little familiar. The hotel has lots of signs about being a partner and proud of Disney. They better be, Universal and orange trees wouldn't be bringing'em in like this.

In the next day or so I hope to have a chance to walk around and see the rest of the hotel. As I understand it the pool is supposed to be pretty nice.

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  1. I am really looking forward to reading about your trip!

  2. War Eagle. I was there from 2000-2005. Now I am in Birmingham working for the man, lol. But working forth man allows me to do this so it's not so bad.

  3. That should have read for the man. iPad auto corret.


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