Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Photo Flashback! Flower & Garden…next week!

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, festival cart
These lovely ladies greeted us in May 2013 as we entered Epcot for the Flower and Garden Festival.  We really enjoyed last year's event and I'm looking forward to exploring even more this year.  Two years ago, when the girls were 11 months and just turned 3, I didn't even get past Mexico, much less really see the plantings, topiaries, food booths, and special exhibits.  Now the girls are 5 and almost 3 and the playgrounds are high on our list of must-dos.

We leave for Walt Disney World next Tuesday so be sure to follow along on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Photo Flashback! I love a parade!

I love watching a parade!  It doesn't matter if it is the local High School Marching Band or the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade on TV.  But there is just something about a parade at night with all their lights.  And to me the parade I love best is the Main Street Electrical Parade. Below are some photos from my iPhone from about 3 years ago of Disney's Electrical Parade.


Focused on the Magic

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Photo Flashback! it's a small world

This past Friday 'it's a small world' celebrated its 50th anniversary.  When Deb at Focused on the Magic  suggested Disney Couture for this week's photo topic, I knew I had to honor this classic attraction.  It also happens to have been Tink's very first Disney ride and she will be five in a few days so I'm feeling nostalgic.

Since I started carrying a DSLR camera to the parks, I feel compelled to photograph 'it's a small world' practically every time we take the happiest cruise that ever sailed.  First, the colors and beautiful costumes of the dolls beg to be captured.  And the not-so-dark ride provides a challenge and a chance to improve my skills.

Here are a few favorite images I've taken over the past four years.

it's a small world, magic kingdom, walt disney world, french doll

it's a small world, magic kingdom, walt disney world, beefeater doll

it's a small world, magic kingdom, walt disney world, dutch dolls

it's a small world, magic kingdom, walt disney world, hula dancers, hawaiian dolls

it's a small world, magic kingdom, walt disney world, american dolls

it's a small world, magic kingdom, walt disney world, goodbye scene

baby sleeping at walt disney world
Poor Tink fell asleep halfway through the ride.  She had a big breakfast that morning at 1900 Park Fare and was super comfy on Daddy's lap and then shoulder.  This was two days before her first birthday.

Focused on the Magic

Friday, April 11, 2014

Have you ever wanted to see what's inside of your MagicBand?

Normally you see them looking like this.
Ridge sent me the following last night.

"So inside is about what you'd expect.  A battery, antenna and a chip set to control it.  I didn't need this one anymore and Disney told me I could throw it away.... but not before I dissected it."


What's inside?

Battery, antenna and ...

A chipset

Hope you enjoyed getting to see the insides of your MagicBand.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Photo Flashback! Magic Kingdom 1979

 Here are a few pictures of Walt Disney World in 1979.  Amy would have just turned three and was on her first trip to the Magic Kingdom.  While some things have changed since then others are just as memorable as they were 35 years ago.    

growing up disney
Mom and Amy on Cinderella's Golden Carrousel

While Cinderella's Golden Carrousel is now Prince Charming Regal Carrousel it is still a beautiful ride for a small girl to enjoy.

growing up disney
Mom and Amy outside The Mickey Mouse Revue
One thing that has changed is the crowds.  Strolling through Fantasyland was easier in 1979 than it is today.

growing up disney
DisneyDad and Amy

One thing that hasn't changed is you can take your picture by the stocks in Liberty Square.  But you will not see the "tag" hanging from my belt any more.  In 1979 Disney was experimenting with moving away from ticket books to a single price to admission.  For resort guests you could by a length of stay ticket that allowed to access to all attractions.  That ticket was in the form of a tag you wore so Cast Members knew they did not need to collect a ticket from you.


Retro Disney Side
Focused on the Magic

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Photo Flashback! April Calendar Shot

This week, Deb at Focused on the Magic suggested a theme of April Calendar Shot.  My first thought was an image of lovely scenery from Epcot and the Flower and Garden Festival.  And while I am very excited to get to the festival in about 5 weeks, I chose another photo to represent April.  Tink will turn 5 this month, so April is all about her.  This photo is from May 2013 when she and I had a day in Magic Kingdom alone.  We had such a wonderful time!

My dad has pointed out that the little girl above reminds him of another little girl on Main Street.  This is me in May 1979.

Focused on the Magic

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Review: Disney Skins from DecalGirl

If you'd like to show your Disney Side with your mobile device, check out DecalGirl's new line of Disney skins.  You can cover your phone, tablet, e-reader, gaming device or laptop with artwork featuring Mickey and Friends, Princesses, Tinkerbell, Muppets, Pirates, and Winnie the Pooh, just to name a few.  New artwork is being added to the collection; be sure to check out to see if your favorite face is there.

My husband gave me a Kindle for Christmas, so I knew just what needed a Disney touch when I was asked to review this product.  The folks at DecalGirl sent me two super fun options.  The Olaf skin is a glossy finish, while the Minnie Bow design is matte.  I really liked the feeling of the matte finish (no glare, no finger prints, a little more grippy) but decided to install the Olaf skin on my Kindle.  We've gone Frozen crazy around here and I adore Olaf.  

Olaf skin for mobile devices, DecalGirl, Disney skins
Front and back of the package.  Arrived in a thick envelope to protect the skins.

Minnie Mouse skin for mobile devices, DecalGirl, Disney skins

Installation was simple and detailed instructions were included in the package with the skin as well as a larger insert within the shipping envelope.  I followed the instructions and started by wiping the Kindle with a clean, soft cloth.

Olaf skin for mobile devices, DecalGirl, Disney skins

First piece on.  So far so good.  The skins are thick enough to be really durable but not so much as to be in the way.  

And here you have the finished product.  I love this!  I prefer to use my Kindle without a case while reading.  The skin adds some Disney fun to my device while also protecting its finish.  I haven't removed this yet but DecalGirl assures me the skins can last for years and remove cleanly.  At some point, I'll test that and swap out for the Minnie Bow skin but for now Olaf and I are going to enjoy many good books together.  I like that my Kindle is now protected from minor scratches and such.  The original finish feels a little delicate and it's much better with Olaf standing guard.

Olaf skin for mobile devices, DecalGirl, Disney skins

Olaf skin for mobile devices, DecalGirl, Disney skins

Here are a few interesting facts about DecalGirl and their products:

  • 100% MADE-IN-THE-USA--DecalGirl products are from US-made vinyl and laminate and the all of the work from sales to design to production to customer service is done in the USA.
  • They provide the highest quality product at a great value.  For devices that allow you to choose your own wallpaper, you can download (FREE) a matching image to complete the Disney transformation. 
  • DecalGirl was the original vinyl skins company in the U.S., as well as being the first to offer the matching wallpaper and the new choice in finishes.  

Once you've found your favorite, use code DECAL10 to get 10% off your order.  These would make great gifts for Mother's Day and Father's Day, as well as for any spring birthdays.

Many thanks to DecalGirl for sending me these samples to review.  I am honestly really excited about my new skins and am happy to be able to share this product with my readers.