Kiddo Tips

  • Work around your little one's schedule while you are traveling as much as you can.  Everyone will have a much better time if the little one has had their nap.  Even if you see/do less, you'll enjoy what do you see/do more.
  • Take an afternoon break.  This can be a nap, a dip in the pool, or just some quiet time.  A day at a Disney park is tiring and a little recharge is good for everyone.
  • The WDW resorts, particularly the monorail resorts, are a great place for an afternoon break.  Stroll around the lobby and grounds, relax in the comfy chairs, and grab a snack. 
  • A simple breakfast in your room gets the day off to a good start and saves time and money. 
  • Be on the lookout for light up toys and save them for your trip.  The toys Disney sells before parades and fireworks are a little expensive.
  • Also keep an eye out for Disney-themed items at your local discount store.  Your stash can help you keep a little ones entertained in line, reward good behavior, and if you are lucky, save you some money on souvenirs in the parks.
  • If you want to see as much as possible with a little one, arrive at rope drop (park opening.)  You'll be able to hit lots of attractions before lunchtime and naptime.
  • Snacks!  Snacks! Snacks!  Did I mention snacks?
  • Disney has children's activity centers at various resorts. Kids age 4-12 can play games, have dinner, and watch movies while you enjoy date night. For younger children, in-room babysitting service is available. Click here for more details.
  • My family flies to WDW since we live so far away.  My parents live much closer, so they drive.  On our last visit before meeting them at WDW, I send my parents home with diapers, wipes, disposable bibs and cups and anything else I don't want to pack.  If you don't have this wonderful delivery service, another option is shipping these supplies to your resort.  It's less expensive than the luggage fees on most airlines. 
  • Buffets at WDW are a great way to feed toddlers.  Kids under 3 eat for free from the adult's plate.  You are welcome to choose anything for them including items from the kid's bar.  Also, since there is a minimum of waiting, you have a better chance of feeding everyone before the little one's patience runs out.
  • Stroller parking areas are provided throughout the theme parks.  Because the Cast Members may move your stroller within those areas to keep things neat, mark your stroller so it's easy to find.  We have bright green luggage tags on our travel stroller.  Other ideas include ribbon, bandanas, or a balloon.
  • Walt Disney World is full of fountains perfect for splashing.  Consider packing a change of clothes in your park bag if your little one is likely to want to play in the water.
  • The auto-flush toilets at WDW can be rather loud and go off before you're ready.  This can be scary for little ones.  Covering the sensor with a post-it note will allow you to control when the flush occurs.
  • The baby care centers are great and even have small toilets for children.
  • Attraction height chart

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