Friday, March 16, 2012

Magical Blogorail: Celebrating Disney at Home

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This month the blogorail is discussing "Celebrating Disney at Home."  We love to talk about celebrations here at Growing Up Disney and I decided to share a new one.  Potty training.  If you've progressed beyond diapers, you know it is cause for celebration.  And around here, even this includes our favorite Disney characters.

I wasn't planning on potty training until Tink's spring break in April.  However one morning in February, I mentioned it, she went, and the ball was rolling on training.  I had ordered the book Toilet Training in Less than a Day at the recommendation of another mom blogger.  Well I didn't get through much of it so if you need it, I have one in great condition.  I've seen moms on other blogs create elaborate charts and have cute parties to kick off the training.  Since it just sort of happened, I had to improvise.  One night while Tink was asleep, I raided the art supplies and made my own chart.  You know all those stickers the Disney Movie Club sends out?  I never can throw those away and I was so glad I had them handy.  Ok, motivational chart.  Check.  Flushable wet wipes with princesses on package. Check.  Minnie soap dispenser.  Check.  Disney Junior shows on the i-devices to keep her sitting. Check.

potty training, Disney movie club stickers

potty training chart

Disney shows on iPhone

I know some people have parties to kick off the training process but I used that as an incentive for her to keep going (pun only slightly intended.)  When she realized this was a permanent change and we weren't going back to diapers, it helped to remind her that she was working toward a "potty party."  It sounds silly but it absolutely worked.  A few M&Ms along the way and the promise of cupcakes and balloons kept Tink working for the stickers on her chart.  We also made a few funny phone calls to Daddy and Grandaddy to brag on success but I will spare you the details there.  

Tink did great and it didn't take long before she had earned her party.  We went to the store and she picked out some mini-cupcakes.  I had been to Target the day before while she was at preschool and picked up some other surprises: tiara, wipes, princess stickers to decorate the box, and princess panties.  After dinner, Tink got her surprises and we all ate mini-cupcakes and played with stickers.  We bragged on her for doing so well.  

potty training chart


pink cupcake

potty training party
Excuse her crazy hair.  It got messed up by the tiara and
I didn't stop to fix it.
girl dancing with Dady
Dancing with Daddy
It's a long process to get to 100% diaper free but we are one giant step closer. And Disney was a fun part of our celebration.


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  1. Amy, I love this!! I have got to share it with Ashley. Maybe it will help her potty train Lexi. :)

  2. Woohoo for successful potty training!!!

  3. That's awesome! What a fun way to start getting through what can be a really stressful time.

  4. Glad to see we're not the only ones who hoard those Disney movie club stickers!

  5. When my kids were kids, we didn't have this advantage. I would have made potty training a lot easier. Wonderful story.


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