Friday, September 10, 2010

A Walk Around The World With Ridge--Take A Break

So inevitably while running 90 to nothing through the Walt Disney World theme parks, you come to a point where you need a break. Whether is caused by exhaustion, too much family togetherness, or a combination of those things, you’ll need to find a little peace and relative quiet, if not quiet relatives. I’ll share a few of my favorites.

Magic Kingdom: If you are keeping up with us here at, you might have an idea of where I like to go to take a break, Aloha Isle. Who doesn't like Dole Whips? Once you have the Dole Whip in hand, there is a covered area as you are heading towards the restrooms/pass through to Frontierland. In this nook are usually some tables and chairs. It is just off the beaten path but in a place where for some reason most people tend to not see it. That makes it a perfect place to have a rest, a Dole Whip or a Coke and a smile.

Disney's Hollywood Studios: Usually mid-afternoon, when there is the break between the lunch and dinner crowds, I like to head over to Dad's Den, which is the bar/waiting area for the 50s Prime Time Diner. Sit down here and have a Dad's Electric Lemonade and talk with the bartender for a while. They usually have some really good stories. If you're lucky, one of the Streetmosphere performers might just stop by and start up a private show.

Epcot: At Epcot there are just too many good places to take a seat or a nap. If I am in Future World, I like to ride Ellen's Universe of Energy. Most of the time you can get an entire row of the ride vehicle to yourself. However, since they ask you to refrain from eating, drinking or flash photography, just make your way over to the Fountianview Cafe and make time for some ice cream, pastries, coffee, soft drinks. This café has a great view of the fountain and is a nice place to relax. In World Showcase there are many places to have a drink or snack and plenty of benches all over. Growing Up Disney did a team post about our favorite Epcot snacks.

Animal Kingdom: This park is huge, so find a bench and have a seat. I like to watch the shows or take one of the nature walks to relax a bit. Next time I want to make an effort to see Flights of Wonder. In all the years the park has been in operation, I always just walk by and never stop.

So with the literally hundreds of nooks and crannies of Walt Disney World, where do you like to take a break? In the parks or out, let us know.


  1. Great post! I'll have to check some of those spots out! Can you believe I've never had a Dole Whip??? *Gasp* It is on my list of must do's in Nov! I've personally always been a Mickey ice cream bar girl. Anyway, check out the Flights of Wonder. I've never been much of a bird lover but we needed a break from the heat and stepped in for this show and I must say, very entertaining! ;)

  2. As I was pregnant last time I was at the world, we found lots of places just to sit and relax whilst the rest of the family did the rides I couldnt. I actually like sitting where I can see the rides as you still get some of the atmosphere and I enjoy watching other people having a good time. I really enjoyed sitting outside of the TOT (my all time favorite ride) and found for the first time a coffee and muffin vendor just outside the exit!!! Even though I couldnt ride I could still hear the screams and this was good fun as I imagined taking our baby on it for the first time :-)

  3. another great post! and you should check out flights of wonder; one of the best things about animal kingdom

    my favorite place to relax in the magic kingdom is right outside of pecos bill's around the parade time. there is a small stone island with trees that is perfect to sit in the shade and people watch. plus the parade goes right by

  4. There are so many great quiet places to take in the atmosphere while taking a break. I have to agree with you on Aloha Isle - love it!

    But like it has already been mentioned, you MUST check out Flights of Wonder. We never gave it a thought until one trip in May when we were sweltering (this was before kids) and my husband needed a break from me dragging him all around AK without stopping. We just happened to be near Flights of Wonder and decided to take our break there. Now it is a "must do" for our family, and on this past trip, even my kids loved it!

  5. Thanks everyone! I'll make sure I see Flights of Wonder this time.


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