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Our Minnie Mouse First Birthday Party

Simple ways to bring Minnie fun to your big day

Today my Baby Minnie turns one.  What a year it has been!  To celebrate this milestone, we decided to take her to my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama to meet her Southern family. We invited family and friends to join us on Minnie's special day.  (She hated the car seat for a long time so this was our first trip home since we made a quick stop during our move from Oklahoma to North Carolina.)  
Minnie Mouse t-shirt, Minnie Mouse ears for toddler
The birthday girl
girl at birthday party
Big sister, Tink
No offense to those people who plan the very elaborate parties I've seen online but I have no idea how they have any money or sanity left after all that.  We had to carry the decorations and such over 600 miles and still have room for ourselves in the van so we kept it fairly simple.  When the Disney Store was having their big 25% off sale, I bought the light pink personalized ear hat.  I ordered Minnie Mouse headbands, a Minnie Mouse first birthday bib, pink sprinkles, and three styles of cupcake liners from Party City.  I don't think they showed up in any of the photos but for the cupcakes, we had Minnie Mouse, pink with white dots and black with white dots.  I bought lunch and dessert sized plates and napkins at Walmart.  They had polka dotted napkins that perfectly fit the theme and were cheaper than the Disney version.  The noisemakers, table covers, streamers, balloons, and Minnie candy were also from Walmart.  I picked up utensils and such at Dollar Tree.  The three section Mickey bowl was from Target a few years ago and I found the small Minnie bowls there a couple of months back.  I also already had the white Mickey serving plate.  The Mickey pretzels were from the store at Old Key West from our recent WDW trip.  I had also meant to look for more Disney candy while we were there but it slipped my mind so the ears of the black bowl were filled with strawberry whoppers and strawberry cheesecake jelly beans.

My parents deserve a huge amount of the credit for the party being such a success.  DisneyDad was in charge of the food and we had yummy hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, baked beans and potato salad for lunch.  Mom baked and iced the cupcakes.  I can only take credit for adding the pink sugar sprinkles on the top.

For entertainment for Tink and the other children, I brought a large and small hula hoop and several bottles of bubbles.  However, none of that was really needed.  Chris brought his dog, Tiger Lily, and all of the kiddos liked playing with her.  Also, we were at a nice park so the children played on the swing set and just generally ran around.  Tink became pals with the son of one of my friends.  He had brought his magnifying glass so they went exploring Sid the Science Kid style.

Minnie Mouse birthday party
The headbands were really cute. 
birthday party plates, Mickey Mouse serving platter
This isn't a very good shot but I wanted you to see the napkins and plates.  Chris helped me combine the stacks so the pink and black would alternate.
birthday party food set-up
DisneyDad is the hardest working man in birthday parties  
Mickey Mouse pretzels, food from Walt Disney World
Mickey pretzels in a Minnie bowl
first birthday cupcakes, Minnie Mouse cupcakes
We had 25 people at the party so we had four dozen cupcakes.  (Thanks Mom!)
Minnie Mouse first birthday party, birthday cupcake, pink cupcake
Destined to be smushed
Amy and Chris from Growing Up Disney
Chris (Ridge) and me 
The girl of the hour and her proud daddy
DisneyDad from Growing Up Disney
DisneyDad in a rare still moment as we prepared for the party

Amy from Growing Up Disney
child's birthday party
Singing "Happy Birthday"  
smash cake photo ideas, Minnie Mouse bib
The bib was a little too big since she wasn't in a high chair 
first birthday smash cake
Messy girl
children at birthday party
Tink and "Sid the Science Kid" had a blast
Uncle Chris and Andy trying to shed some light on the situation

Tink and her Aurora from Uncle Chris 
Minnie and her Belle from Uncle Chris

My Magical Blogorail pals recently did a loop full of ideas for a Minnie Mouse birthday party.  Click here for my article or here to start at the beginning.  

It was great to spend time with family and friends and celebrate Baby Minnie.  Thank you to those folks who were able to come out and join us.  We knew we wouldn't see everyone on a holiday weekend but that's when we could travel too.   Readers, thank you for joining us today for our virtual birthday party. 
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  1. So cute, Amy! Looks like a good time was had by all!

    1. Thank you! It was lots of fun. I spared my family/friends from publishing shots of them wearing Minnie ears.

  2. Looks wonderful! Happy Birthday little girl. Can't believe she is already one!

  3. We had a wonderful time while you were here! Now scoop up Minnie and give her a BIG HUG from me and wish her Happy Birthday!!! from Granddaddy!

    1. We really enjoyed our visit too! I'll be sure to pass along hugs for you.

  4. Great job on the party Amy, it looks like it was lots of fun!! Uncle Chris has good taste in presents too!!

  5. Great looking Birthday Party & great party ideas


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