Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Guest Post: Why We Never Tire of Walt Disney World

Please join me in welcoming our latest member of the Minnie Moms.  Danielle is a DVC member and although she lives in Canada, she and her family still visit the World quite often.  Read on as she introduces herself and shares houghts from her most recent Walt Disney World Vacation.  Danielle, we are so glad to have you onboard! ~Amy

Hi! I’m Danielle, from Ontario, Canada and a self-professed Disney addict! My husband and I started visiting Walt Disney World in 2007 as a couple (after I converted him) and have been returning with our two children multiple times per year ever since. We became Disney Vacation Club members in 2010 and it has been the best decision we have ever made! We have fallen in love with our home resort, Animal Kingdom Villas. When I’m not helping my husband with his dental practice, or engaging in mommy duties, I am glued to my favourite Disney blogs for all the latest WDW news. You can follow me on Twitter at @DreaminofAKV and read my column, The Fairytale Family, about travelling to WDW with young children at StudiosCentral.com.  (Amy's note: Since Danielle wrote her intro she has started her own blog.  You can find her at Life As A Disney Mommy.)

I have been coming to Walt Disney World since I was a child, but my visits became more frequent after I got married. One trip was all it took to get my husband on board and he was converted. We have been coming two to three times per year since 2007. This is partially due to the fact that in 2010, we became Disney Vacation Club members. We have been truly blessed to be able to vacation at the Most Magical Place On Earth as often as we do.

Of course, not everyone sees it as a "blessing". We often hear, "again?!" or "aren't you sick of that place yet?!". Yes, it becomes annoying feeling like you have to defend your vacation choices, but I decide to try to enlighten people with my answers instead.

I tell them it's not just about the rides. It's about the feeling I get when I step on the Magical Express and all my worries and stresses of the real world vanish. It's not about seeing people dressed up as stuffed animals. It's about seeing my daughter's eyes light up as she approaches Mickey, thinking she is about to meet one of her best friends. Surely, you can never grow tired of those special feelings and experiences.

Of course, when traveling with children, it is about the rides and characters in their eyes. The beauty of beginning their Disney trips when they are young is that you can watch them grow a bit each vacation. My son, Max, is currently 19 months old, but has been to Walt Disney World five times. He has always been afraid of the characters, but this trip, something changed. For the first time yet, he approached Princess Tiana on his own and handed her a flower that he picked. That, to me, was Disney magic. On our first trip with Max, he was afraid of the Uzima Pool at Animal Kingdom Lodge. We spent most of our pool time that trip holding him above water. This trip, he was happily diving about, not caring whether we were there or not. My daughter, Claire, rode Splash Mountain for the very first time this trip! Although she has been to Walt Disney World eight times so far, she is just at the very beginning of her thrill ride adventures!

I am happy to explain this all when people ask. To my family, Walt Disney World is not just a theme park, but a wealth of memories that we add to each and every trip. Creating memories as a family will never grow old for us.


  1. Danielle, I loved your post. I know exactly how you feel. Welcome to the Growing Up Disney family!


  2. Thanks for the warm welcome, Amy and DisneyDad!

  3. So true!!! I get so sick of people asking "Again?!" when we announce our newest trip details...so I kinda stopped doing it. I talk about my trips less and just keep my excitement to myself. Good thing I have many many places online to share it!!!!

  4. Yes, our Disney community is the best! Feels like family!


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