Friday, September 3, 2010

A Walk Around The World With Ridge--The continuing saga of apps....

What good would the nice new iPhone 4 camera be without some great editing apps to really take full advantage of your pictures on the go? There are effects, cropping, coloring and collage apps just to get started. Now there are tons of apps out there, some are paid and some are free. I prefer the free apps because be honest who doesn't like to get free stuff...

One of the coolest apps that I haven't been able to use on a large scale is Autostitch. Autostitch is an app that allows you to take multiple pictures of an object from different angles or perspectives and then it will blend these photos together into one. The effect is something just a little different than a panorama. If you need/want such an image, this is an awesome way for the iPhone to accomplish this trick. I need to appologise for not having a cool picture to show off. The only thing I have used it for is to take a picture of my livingroom in my condo. I doubt anyone cares to see that, so I'll revisit this one when I get to Disney in 50 days.

Photo Mess is another app that I am really digging right now. Photo Mess allows you to make simple collages. If used in conjunction with some of the other photo editors, some really neat effects can be achieved.

Adobe offers us Photoshop Express. Something great about this app is that it has eliminated a photo cropping editor and a some subtle effects apps from my phone. So you want to adjust the exposure, saturation, tint, contrast or make it black and white? Done. Want to turn your picture into a sketch, sharpen or soften the focus, also done. Want some nifty pre-programmed effects? Also done. Then once the picture is the way you like it, Photoshop makes it a one button process to post to Facebook or twitpic. Pretty cool.

Then the last one I will bore you with is Tilt Shift Generator. If you are familiar with Disney then you might have seen the end of the Christmas parade last year where you could still see the people moving but the buildings looked like they were toys. Well that is what this app can do for your photos. I have tried it on a couple shots I have taken at Disney World in the past and the effect is pretty cool. It doesn't always work out just right but you have to play with it until it looks right to you. The app changes the focal points within the picture blurring parts of the picture and sharpening others. This app is the only one that was paid and at .99 cents on iTunes, it was worth it.

There are so many photo apps available and what I have listed above is only a few of the apps I have on my phone now. Once I have a more time to use the others I'll be glad to share what I find out. So I recommend Photoshop for sure, it's free and does an excellent job of editing your pictures straight from your phone or iPod and even iPad has an app. Photo Mess is also free and makes some pretty decent pictures and worth giving it a try. Tiltshift is pretty specific and the results may vary. At .99 cents it by no means breaks the bank but I can't see as it is a must have.

Do you have a favorite app for photos?

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