Monday, September 13, 2010

iPad App Reviews: My Numbers, ABC Numbers, and Baby Explorer


I am proud to share reviews of three more fun and educational children's apps from Punflay.  This time Tink and I tested iPad apps.  The larger screen of the iPad really lends itself well to games for little ones.  Thankfully my parents don't mind the kiddo playing with their rather expensive toy. 

First up is ABC Numbers.  This new app incorporates the previously released My Numbers app along with a really well done game for teaching letters.  Below is the first screen and the large buttons make it easy for little ones to choose a game.

Here are a couple of screens from the ABC portion of the game.  You run your finger along the letter wheel to select a letter.  If you touch within the oval containing the letter and picture, it says "La, L, Ladybug" in this case.  In the white box toward the bottom of the screen, the child can practice writing the letter by tracing within the outline.  The color of the "ink" can be changed by touching the blue, green, or red dots below the writing box.  My 16 month-old daughter's favorite part was the star on the right.  If you pull down on the ring, the star sings the ABC song.  It's really cute and just like a real pull-string toy, if you pull the string halfway, it only sings half of the song.   

For the numbers portion of the app, here is the screen you'll see.  The color of the buttons can be changed using the wheel in the upper right and the item to be counted is selected along the bottom of the screen.  Touching the musical note allows the user to choose one of three songs or to have no music at all.  The game itself is a pretty simple counting game.  In this case, the 8 button was pushed.  Eight flowers light up.  If you touch an unlit flower, it will count 9 in a pleasant child's voice.  If you choose a lit flower, it will say 7 and the flower you touched will no longer be highlighted.  It's a good game for practicing counting to ten.  I like that it also counts backward as this allows you to work on basic addition and subtraction with your child as well.

This is the intro screen for the independent My Numbers app if you choose to buy (or win!) it separately.

Tink loved Baby Explorer!  Here's the start screen.

This game is like a high-tech version of one of the many plastic toys you have, without the "cluttering the floor" aspect.  Starting from the left, the butterfly can be pulled down and it bounces back with a cool springy noise.  The wheel on the bottom spins and the 4 colorful rings slide back and forth.  Moving to the top right, the child can push the four buttons to get a corresponding noise.  Tink really liked this. 

The coolest part of this game is the center of the screen, which contains 5 games.  The wheel at the bottom right changes the game.  For the egg game, you touch the egg repeatedly, cracking it a little more each time.  Eventually a new friend pops out.  Pictured here is the duck but this one contains some surprises.  The bubbles and flowers games are similar.  The child can pop the falling bubbles or flowers.  Tink particularly liked the flower version and the notes played when the petals fell.  Another game lets the child help a frog jump from lillypad to lillypad and the final game moves three jumping fish. 

Again, Punflay has designed apps for children that are both educational and fun.  They've provided enough variety in each app to allow it to appeal to children for months or years to come.  We've really enjoyed playing with these apps.  In particular, Baby Explorer held my 16 month-old's attention for a long period of time and at that age, that's an accomplishment.  She'll get to play with these apps again at 18 months of age when we see my parents at Walt Disney World.  I look forward to seeing how her interaction with the games improves.

Click here for my review of two children's iPhone/iPod apps from Punflay.

Punflay has their educational apps (iPhone/iPod/iPad) on sale this week.  One of them is even free.  Check out their site soon.  The sale ends September 16.

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  1. Bllake would love this app! It would be so great for him!

  2. I wasn't sure if I should enter this time since I won the last one, but I can't let it pass by with no entries! I would love for ellie to have this app. She is just starting to learn her letters at school and it would be great entertainment for our 10 hour drive to disney in december.

    I follow on facebook, twitter, publicly on your blog, and in an feed reader.

  3. I think my son would really enjoy this app. He already has the iPad pretty well figured out & enjoys other games I've picked up. Numbers & letters are the order of the day, so it might help keep him learning... We have a Disney drive coming up as well :)


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