Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Team Favorites - Epcot Counter Service Meals & Snacks

We all know the great food at Walt Disney World is one of the major things that keeps us all coming back over and over (and over and over....)  Today the Growing Up Disney team discusses our favorite options for a quick meal or snack at Epcot.

(By the way, we don't discuss these topics before we write, nor do we see each other's answers before we write our own.  We just usually eat together.)

DisneyDad: FOOD! Let's eat! There are so many good quick service restaurants in EPCOT. My favorite place for a quick meal is Sunshine Season Food Fair at The Land pavilion. They have an almost unlimited selection of different foods. From sandwiches to sushi, tabouli to tuna, soups to salads, they have just about anything you may want. It can be busy and a little noisy so you may need to get one person to get the food another to find a table.

My favorite place for a meal (have I said that already?) is Yorkshire County Fish Shop at the United Kingdom pavilion. They serve fish and chips or fish and chips but the food has always been hot and fresh and quick (this is a quick service restaurant after all). The fish and chips are the same as served in the Rose and Crown so they are good. Tables are to the right of the restaurant and overlook the World Showcase Lagoon.

My favorite place for quick service dessert is Kringla Bakeri og Cafe in the Norway pavilion. Their Sweet Pretzel with Almonds one of my favorites and is large and enough to share for a snack (or to save room to share a School Bread, a Cloudberry Horn, a tart, or Danish too!)

Ridge: I think my favorite counter service spot is the Tangierine Cafe in Morocco. The rustic old world styling, the sights and smells from Morocco are unlike that of any other pavilion. The menu is Mediterranean, serving lamb, chicken and falafel. I enjoy the shawarma platter with lamb.  Each platter comes with hummus, tabouleh and tangerine couscous and fresh Moroccan bread.  The wraps also come with the same sides. If you want a combo you can get the Mediterranean sliders combo that has three pita pockets with lamb, chicken and falafel. For the non-adventurous kids, burgers and chicken tenders are available. The seating area is outside and shaded and has a nice view of the lagoon. Its a nice place to stop and people watch for a while. If you are looking for just a quick sweet treat, I think my family would all agree with going over to Norway to the Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe. Everything is good here but the Kringla Sweet Pretzel is supreme. Then for something sweet with a little bite there is always the caramel ginger ice cream in China at Lotus Blossom Cafe.      

Amy:  My favorite place for a quick lunch is Sunshine Seasons, located in The Land pavilion.  This food court has hot options ranging from soup and sandwich to Asian fare.  I tend to prefer the cold grab and go selections, such as sushi, fruit and cheese, and yummy specialty salads.  We usually get a few items and share them.  The downside of this restaurant: it's a little loud, almost always busy, and strollers are not allowed.  I guess that last item is a plus for some.  

A new favorite is Tangierine Cafe at the Morocco Pavilion.  On our trip in April, Ridge and my husband and I had dinner here one evening.  We ordered a Shawarma Platter, a Mediterranean Sliders Combo, and a Vegetable Platter to share.  They were all essentially the same items presented in different ways: lamb/chicken, falafel, tabouleh, couscous, hummus, lentils and bread.  We all enjoyed them thoroughly and left stuffed.  It's a little more expensive for counter service here.  The plates we had were in the $10-$15 range.

Of course, you can't beat the fish and chips available in the Yorkshire County Fish Shop in the United Kingdom Pavilion.  Pop into the tea store for some great treats.  I love Digestive Biscuits and Penguins.  With apologies to my British friends, the names of some of your items don't translate well to American English, but oh, they are so delicious!

Many years ago, I used to like to get pastries in the France Pavilion.  Not a fan of the long lines, I discovered Norway's delicacies and won't turn back.  Just go in and pick out several things that look delightful and rest with friends in the cool, if cramped, outdoor seating area.


What is your favorite place to grab a meal or snack in Epcot?  Defend your favorite!


  1. I love the caramel ice cream. I never remember it at other times of the year, but I always get it from the booth at the Food & Wine Festival.

  2. Don't forget about Sommerfest in Germany. Sure you can get a huge bratwurst, but they have great desserts too! Blake Forest cake and Bavarian Cheesecake and the classic apple strudel. Then there is always the delicious German bier (beer).

  3. Good point Bill! Thanks! There are so many good options in Epcot, particularly World Showcase, and it's easy to miss a few.

  4. We tend to eat at Liberty Inn in the American Pavillion (used to do nice salad but now do equally yummy veg burger) or Electric Umbrella as the do a fab wholewheat veggie wrap. Usually wanderbover to Boardwalk bakery too :-)


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