Thursday, July 1, 2010

How Not to Need a Vacation AFTER Your Vacation

My friend Mendy asked for a few tips on this topic.  Here's one.  Do a load or two of laundry while you're on vacation.  I know, who wants to do housework at WDW, but it's not like you have to go beat your clothes on a rock in the river. 

The Disney Vacation Club Villas each have a washer and dryer, so if you're staying at a DVC property, throw in a load at bedtime, switch them in the morning and you have that much less to do when you get home.  I love that I come home from Old Key West with mostly clean clothes.  Yes, that means I had to do a little work on vacation, but it makes the transition back to the real world a bit less harsh.  And if you are one of the people who need a few days to get unpacked, you can grab some clean socks from your suitcase.

"But I'm staying at All Star Music (or Port Orleans or a DVC studio or...) what do I do?"  The resort pool areas feature laundry facilities.  What a great excuse to go relax in the hot tub for a while.  Check the map at your particular resort to be sure your nearest pool is equipped.  These are coin-operated machines, so bring some quarters.  There are vending machines for detergent if you are doing an emergency load, but it's a bit pricey, so you are better off to bring your own supplies.  Due to the water in the area, you don't need much detergent per load.  My mom brought some of the Purex 3 in 1 sheets for our last trip, but a zipper bag of powered detergent and a few dryer sheets have worked just fine in the past.

Or for you shoppers, spend your last night at the World at Epcot and load up on new clothes at Mouse Gear on the way out.  Probably the more fun option...


  1. It really is a great thing to get back home and not have to start loads of laundry. The laundry facilities are pretty nice for what they are. You get several benefits: less stuff you have to pack, easier time in the airport, and more room to bring home those items you just couldn't leave behind. Thanks for what you're doing.

  2. Great additional points. Thank you!


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