Monday, March 12, 2012

Great Baby Travel Gear: Stroller Acessories

Disclaimer: I bought these items with my own money. These are just cool products I wanted to share with you.

The first is the tag*a*long.  I have no idea now where I first ran across this item but I purchased two of them during a buy one get one free sale on right before Christmas.  This is a handle that attaches to your stroller and gives your older child a place to walk beside the baby.  I LOVE this thing.  The website says you can attach it to a stroller, shopping cart, diaper bag, etc.  We just have them on our single BOB stroller and a single Maclaren Volo.  Tink loves "her handle."  The first two pictures below were from our first walk with it and I made a game of holding the handle.  Now we use it going in and out of preschool and anywhere else we take the stroller.  Tink is one to run off so having her stay close, especially around cars, is wonderful.  The tag*a*long is very lightweight and seems quite tough.  I don't baby it.  The strollers get tossed in and out of the van and the tag*a*long looks just fine.  Other moms comment on it all the time.  I've seen other handles on Etsy that were essentially ribbon.  Those are cute too but I like the durability of this one.  And the fact that it is rigid helps keep Tink a step or two away from the wheels.

For our next trip to Walt Disney World, we are taking two Maclaren umbrella strollers.  (I got a second one off Craigslist.  That will be a separate post.)  I plan on having a tag*a*long on each of the strollers so we have Tink's handle, no matter which stroller she's near.  (I don't know how much she'll stay in a stroller but again, that's a future post.)

Out for a stroll at Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort

Two items I felt compelled to purchase before our Hilton Head vacation were the hook and lock from buggyguard.  The lock is similar to a bike lock but is designed for strollers.  It comes in cute animal designs and attaches to the frame of the stroller with velcro.  The retractable cable is about 4 feet long so you can lock the stroller to a stationary object, another stroller, or render it useless by locking the wheels.  Like other bike locks, this cable could be cut but this would reduce someone just taking the opportunity to walk off with your stroller.  Honestly, I haven't used it yet but I thought the idea was cool so I bought one.  I have heard of strollers being stolen at the Disney Parks but I don't know how common it is.  If you choose to use a lock at WDW or Disneyland, please note that you can't lock your stroller to anything.  The Cast Members have to be able to move it around.  This is when the trick of looping the cable through the wheels comes in handy.  I have two nice BOB strollers and I like the idea of being able to lock them up at a local park, but for WDW, I've chosen to use less expensive strollers.  (Factory outlet and craigslist.)  

The second item I have from buggyguard is the B-Hook.  Now this one I have used and really like.  I have two plastic hooks on each of the jogging strollers but this stays in my diaper bag.  I've used it to hang my diaper bag from a few grocery carts and, while the lock feature is optional, it's nice to know my stuff isn't going anywhere.  I've had it hanging on the outside of my bag and Tink has used it as a handle a time or two.  I can also see this coming in handy for locking things inside the basket of a stroller.  Again, it could be defeated but it would take quite a while, so it would reduce crimes of opportunity.

Do you have any of these products? What do you think of them?

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  1. We've been doing this for years of Disney park visits with a simple bandana on the stroller. I really saw no real need to purchase the tagalong. With the bandana, big brother has something to hold on to and stay close. The super bright color my son picked out helps us pick out our stroller in the masses, especially when cast members move them. It's also super easy to toss it in the wash when we get home, so it's always clean for the next Disney day.


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