Thursday, March 8, 2012

Magic Kingdom Notes for the Picky Eater

I have a couple of months until I need to make ADRs for our fall Walt Disney World vacation and I have started the process of poring over the menus at AllEars. Before kiddos, we just chose our favorites and a few new places and worked on the spreadsheet to fit them all in based on touring days. I learned the hard way that I need to be very prepared when it comes to feeding Tink on vacation. She'll be three and a half on our next trip and while she's made great improvements in what she'll eat, there are some places that we'd be best served to avoid for a while. Baby Minnie will be 17 months but so far she is easy to please. I'm saving this in the notes section of my phone for quick access in the parks. I figure I can keep the whole group happier if I know where we should go, not only for sit-down meals, but also for counter service or snacks.

This is based on my choosy child but I thought it might help someone else. I have a couple of notes about things I like but basically, if a place doesn't work for the girls, it's either excluded or in the avoid section. I'm not sure if Tink would eat the uncrustables PBJ sandwiches sold at WDW so I'll pick up a box closer to the time of the trip to see how those go over. We will be staying at Old Key West so I will have a full kitchen and will likely pack a small cooler for the girls to supplement the options at the parks.

**Counter service:
Columbia Harbor House: Mac & cheese, pbj, yogurt
Cosmic Rays: chicken nuggets, pbj
Pinocchio Village Haus: Mac & cheese, grilled cheese, cheese pizza, could split chicken nuggets from adult menu
Aloha Isle: ice cream, Dole Whip
Auntie Gravity's: ice cream, coffee floats, cereal & milk
Cheshire Cafe: cereal & milk
Liberty Square Market: fresh fruit
Lunching Pad: sweet cream cheese pretzel
Main Street Bakery: fruit, but could be a hard sell with all the cookies around
Sleepy Hollow: ice cream cookie sandwich, coffee float
Crystal Palace
Liberty Tree Tavern: Mac & cheese, veggies, apples, cheese pizza
Plaza Restaurant: not bad but not exciting
Casey's Corner: hot dogs
Cinderella's Royal Table: meh, save until the girls are older
Pecos Bill's: weak choices for Tink, maybe pbj
Tony's Town Square: meh


  1. It must be a trend with the second child not being so picky! Lol My nieces are the same way. The oldest never wants to eat and if she does, it's not much. The youngest one, who is 14 mos. is like, "whatcha got for me, is this all?" haha

  2. Yup, that's my girls too! Funny!!!


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