Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Disney's Hollywood Studios: Notes for Picky Eaters

I'm planning ahead for our fall vacation by reviewing menus and making notes about what my choosy preschooler might eat. For this trip with a 3.5 year old and a 17 month old, I don't want to waste a whole lot of time in restaurants. As much as food is normally a centerpiece of a Disney trip for us, I'd rather spend more of their happy time walking around and enjoying the parks. We'll make ADRs for a few character meals but otherwise we are going to wing it. However, I want to know before I walk through the gates which restaurants will be our best bets so we can tour accordingly. I'm also looking at snack locations for things like fruit, cereal, etc. Not that I won't be carrying some food with us but I don't want to have to haul around much. I recently shared my notes on Magic Kingdom. Today we'll look at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Just like before, these notes are based on what my oldest child likes (the youngest one is easy to please.)

Mama Melrose: cheese pizza, "spaghetti and meatball" cupcake
Sci-Fi: cheese pizza, mac & cheese, would have to think about whether the kids would find the theming fun or scary

**Counter Service:
ABC Commissary: chicken nuggets, yogurt
Backlot Express: chicken nuggets, no mac or pbj
Catalina Eddie's: cheese pizza
Fairfax Fair: mac & cheese, pbj
Rosie's: chicken nuggets
Studio Catering Company: chicken nuggets, pbj
Pizza Planet: cheese pizza
(Studios seems to be all about the chicken nuggets.)

Most of the larger snack stands here have granola bars, trail mix, fruit, pita chips
Peevy's Frozen Concoctions: fruit cup, apple dippers
Starring Rolls: pastries, pbj
Writer's Stop: cookies (carrot cake cookie!!!)

50's Prime Time: not bad but would have to pay $9 for the few bites of mac & cheese
Brown Derby: grilled cheese on whole wheat would be good. I'm not up to wrangling two very small kids in a fancy restaurant this trip. Might be good for date night.
Hollywood & Vine: Tink isn't particularly into those characters so no need to pay those prices.

As much as I love a couple of the sit-down restaurants here, I'm thinking we'll just grab a bite at counter service. And I'm glad to see that fruit is readily available throughout the park. Disney is branching out a bit in the sides for the kids meals, offering yogurt at some locations, but otherwise it's all carrot sticks, grapes and applesauce. We'll have to fill in that lack of variety from the adult plates or with meals in the room at Old Key West.


  1. We find DHS to be incredibly difficult for counter service - last time we left and literally went to a fast food place! Sad, but true.. hope your kids like chicken nuggets!

  2. Tink will eat chicken nuggets at Chick-fil-a but that's about it. Sunset Blvd seems to have the best variety but once I get down to planning, we may go elsewhere. I learned last trip with a crew of hungry, tired folks that I can walk to Boardwalk faster than taking the boat.

  3. My wife is a picky eater too but sad the kids aren't more open to trying the great food. Hopefully they will eventually come to appreciate the food in the park. I think there's some really tasty options.

    For picky eaters, might I suggest the buffalo chicken sandwich at Studio Catering Co. You can ask for no buffalo sauce and then it's a fried chicken sandwich.


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