Monday, November 28, 2011

I Feel So Clever (Or Necessity is the Mother of Invention)

It seems like I always need a little more storage space on my strollers or just one more hand to help. I recently purchased these Jeep hooks and love them. They're only about $6 for the set so I have ordered a second set for our single Bob. I've used them on the single to hold my preschooler's backpack and on the double to carry a shopping basket, among other things.  On the shopping trip pictured, I bought Tink some popcorn (aka bought myself a little peace) and used the hook to hang the bag off the back of the stroller, keeping the popcorn upright and easily accessible.  Later I ran across a stack of shopping baskets in the store and had the idea to hook one on to the stroller.  I got a look or two with this contraption but who cares?  I was able to get around the store in peace knowing my girls were happy and my purchases weren't going to fall.

These hooks don't need to be removed when the stroller is folded so they are always ready to go. So far they seem nice and sturdy and the hooks rotate to any position.  I'm thinking these will be great for traveling.  While I am a big fan of packing as light as you can for the parks, you always end up with something extra and here's a good place to put it.

And to clarify the pictures, my diaper bag is attached to the handles of the stroller, behind the basket and then the shopping bags.

I wrote the above portion of this story a week or two ago.  Since then, necessity was again the mother of invention.  I usually go grocery shopping while Tink is in preschool, allowing me to go with only one child.  The school Thanksgiving party was Monday so the grocery store had to wait until Tuesday.  There are various ways to carry my girls through the store...Tink in the seat of the cart and Minnie either in her carseat in the basket of the cart or being worn by me.  Or, I could push their double stroller and pull a small cart.  Well, that's what I decided to do.  Thankfully, even though the Bob Duallie is the size of a tank, it handles like a dream so we were doing great.  It was a busy day and would have been a bit of a challenge regardless.  Anyway, I was almost finished when Minnie started yelling and I had to hold her.  Now I had one super-sized stroller and a small cart and a baby on my hip.  Hmmmm.  I used the hooks to attach the cart to the stroller and pulled the whole thing by the handle of the car seat.  It worked fairly well but I was really glad we were almost finished with our shopping by that point.  I can't see any way that this helps you with a vacation tip but it was too funny not to share.


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