Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby Travel Gear: RoSK blankets on sale today

RoSK (Rain or Shine Kids) 5 in 1 blanket

I just bought one of these blankets for myself and another as a Christmas gift. They are on sale for $17.99 today at

I can see these as being really handy for cold/rainy weather travel with little ones.

It's a soft fleece blanket on one side and a waterproof material on the other. There are ribbons on two sides so you can attach the blanket to your stroller or infant car seat. The waterproof side allows this to be a handy playmat or changing mat in a pinch. You can also tie the ribbons together for a nursing cover.

I'm really excited about mine to help keep Minnie warm this winter as we take Tink into preschool. This multi-tasker should also be great when we visit Hilton Head in January.

I get nothing for this. I simply wanted to share this cool baby travel item.

Photo is property of Baby Steals and the manufacturer.

Update: 1/30/12--I love the concept but they are not very tough. Mine has had the nylon rip on one side and the ribbon shred on the other. Relatively easy to fix but I shouldn't have to repair a new product that hasn't been mistreated. I bought one for my sister in law when I got mine. I've cautioned her to wash it in a pillowcase.

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