Monday, October 18, 2010

Celebrate Today!

This is a bulletin board in my daughter's room.  For a while now, Walt Disney World has been encouraging people to visit the resort to celebrate special events in life.  Cast members will wish you a happy (insert event here) when you wear one of these buttons.  I couldn't find my honeymoon button and I know there is also one for family reunions but otherwise, we have a pretty good collection.  What other buttons have you gathered over the years?

If you are celebrating something on your next trip to WDW, be sure to stop by a Guest Relations location and ask for a button.  The birthday cards on the board are pretty special.  Check out the post.

Andy and I celebrated our anniversary on our April trip.

Audrey got this one at Chef Mickey's.

We requested this one for Audrey at Epcot Guest Relations.

Mom & DisneyDad got us these at Old Key West.

We had our birthdays on the reservation, so we got birthday
buttons at check-in.  We had 5 birthdays within a reasonable
time from the trip.  The green one was from my local hobby store.  
These are available with a donation to the conservation fund.

Oh, and don't forget the stickers!  Disney loves to give away stickers!


  1. We always get a button when we go whether it's for an birthday or anniversary! Last year my FIL treated us to the wdw trip coz it was his 60th and our 30ths last year so we got special buttons for that. Also it was my BILs GFs 1st trip so she got one too. I love them! :-)

  2. Sounds like you have a good collection too!

  3. Awesome stuff. Love it!


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