Monday, February 28, 2011

High and Mighty (Small): Highchairs & Booster Seats

Q. Do all Walt Disney World restaurants provide high chairs and booster seats?

A. Walt Disney World restaurants are fully prepared for small children so getting a high chair or a booster seat is not a problem. At table service restaurants, simply request one when you check in for your reservation. The Cast Members will take care of getting a seat for the little one(s) to the table. Counter service restaurants will have a stash somewhere but they can be harder to find, particularly in the sprawling locations like Pecos Bill’s, so simply ask a Cast Member for help. Carts or stands will not have anything available but I have a few tricks I’ll share below.

Q. What type of high chairs does Disney use?

A. Most of the Walt Disney World restaurants I have visited with my daughter use the standard wooden restaurant high chairs. At home, I avoid these like the plague. For one, they just might still have germs from the plague. Second, Tink doesn’t sit well in them at all. It’s not long before she’s totally squirmy in the standard chair. Around town or when traveling by car, we use a high chair/booster seat that attaches to a standard adult chair. It takes me a minute or two to install, but increased odds of a pleasant meal are certainly worth it. At WDW, there is no way you’d tote around an extra booster seat but a pack of antibacterial wipes will help. Yes, Disney does try to keep everything clean but I have been a Cast Member at a Magic Kingdom restaurant and I suggest you do a quick wipe-down. I also found the thin disposable table covers to be very helpful. Regarding the squirmy part, you’ll have to be prepared with snacks, stickers, and an iPhone loaded with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, although table service restaurants generally have crayons and coloring sheets.

Some of the WDW counter service restaurants have the newer style plastic high chairs. I think these have a slightly smaller seat, but I find them to be better for Tink. She sits comfortably for a longer period of time. Again, they get the quick cleaning from me. (Yes, I’ve earned the Neurotic part of NDM #242 in more than one way.)

Q. Any highchair or booster seat tips for carts and stands?

A. 1. Sit the kids on the nearest flat surface and let them have at it. Replacement clothes are never far away.

2. You have a stroller. Use it.

3. Duck into the nearest counter service location and take a seat. In October 2010, my daughter and I were at Magic Kingdom with my brother. I decided it was Mickey ice cream bar time. Since it was the middle of the afternoon, Pecos Bill’s was not very crowded, so I found us a table in the back as not to take any more convenient spots from those carrying trays of food. Tink had a high chair and Chris and I had a table for our bags and such. Tink loved the ice cream and it made for a much more pleasant break for all of us.


  1. We actually found out last time that Casey's Corner doesn't have high chairs.. at least not enough! That was disappointing!

  2. I ALWAYS clean off Tinks chair and the table with antiseptic wipes when we go out, I just dont think you can be too clean with a baby! Im also getting a travel 'highchair' for France this year which is basically a peice of material that slots into a regular dining chair :-)
    Great post!


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