Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Photo Flashback!!! Remembering Mickey's Toontown Fair

As I worked diligently last Friday, in between my assigned tasks I thought about my fast approaching solo trip and the closing of Mickey's Toontown Fair. The fair was closing and I thought back to the first time I went to Disney World and how far everything has come even in my relatively short lifetime.

When what is now known as the Toontown Fair was opened it was called Mickey's Birthdayland. Opened in 1988 it was only supposed to be a temporary attraction and it was only lasting two years when Mickey's Starland was opened. This is where I start remembering, my first trip was in 1991, Starland was a year old and going to Mickey's house was tops on my list. I pulled out my photo album from this trip and scanned a few pictures. This is what I found.

Mickey's driveway and small garage. 1991

Mickeys Room in 1991

Mickey's room 2010

Mickey's foyer table 1991.

Mickey's foyer table with mail (he has more going on these days) 2010

Mickey's study, look I see bronzed baby booties.

Mickey's living room 1991 lots of hidden Mickeys but it was all so dark.

Mickey's living room 1991, it's hard to tell but I think the Mickey Mouse Club is on TV.

Mickey's living room 2010

Pluto's bed 2010

Old Kitchen in 1991 before the perpetual construction project.

Mickey's Kitchen 2010 under construction forever

The house saw several incarnations over the years and its last one stood, I think, the longest. Minnie's house was next door for as long as I can remember. I never took pictures of Minnie's house till my last trip in Oct 2010. The Imagineers put so much time and detail into the homes of our honored hosts that it is somewhat a shame that they are finally leaving us. Mickey's house has a nice garden and a walk through garage. If you look at my flickr pictures, you can see all the mouse related details found in the garage. I saw so many people just walking through without a second thought. Details people... While it really didn't hold much for me any more, seeing my niece and my cousin's children light up inside made me glad they got to see it (BTW those are the little girls in the pictures. I did not follow two kids around...Stranger Danger!) But to all thing must come an end and with the wonderful record keeping of the Disney community, it will still be available somewhere.

To see all my pictures from Mickey's Toontown fair click here.


  1. I have never seen a side by side picture comparison of the different versions of mickey's house. thank you for sharing!

    of course, any article that contains the phrase 'stranger danger' is a winner.

  2. Great post! We saw it for the last time in March 2010. I'm glad we got to see it one last time before it closed!

  3. Great article, Chris! Loved seeing the comparisons!


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