Friday, February 4, 2011

A Walk Around The World With Ridge...Workin' For the Memories

So I definitely have the problems of someone from the first world. I am planning a working trip to Disney for March (6th-9th) and the hardest part of it all is trying to decide which DVC resort I want to stay at. Now everything hinges on what is available but before I call member services I need to put my resort priorities in order.

I want to go down and use my new camera to photograph Epcot's Flower & Garden Festival happening from March 2 - May 15 2011. I have been only once before that I can think of while this even has been going on, but it was before I knew there was going to be blog about our Disney lives and I would be a contributor to it. Now I want to see it, experience it and show others what I have found.

So for the accommodations out of the 11 DVC properties 7 of them are in Walt Disney World. Our family's home resort is the original DVC, Old Key West. While I really love all that Old Key West has to offer, because after all this time it is like a 2nd home, I want to stay somewhere new to me.

Now I honestly believe that no matter where I get the privilege of staying I will have a great time and excellent stay. Since I am going primarily to spread my photography wings and play for a couple of days and since part of the main focus is the Flower & Garden Festival the Beach Club resort certainly tops the list. With a short walk to the International gateway at Epcot (my favorite park as an adult) and the board walk that is attached to the Boardwalk Resort. I stayed once years ago in the Boardwalk and the long hallways to seemingly nowhere didn't appeal to me. I don't feel eager to stay there this time.

On the far side of the parks is Animal Kingdom Villas. I like the idea of staying here because of the room options. The choice of a standard room or rooms with a view of the savanna are very appealing. Then having the ability to upgrade that to the Kilimanjaro Club Concierge level with added perks. The resort itself is beautiful and has one of the best restaurants in my opinion, Boma. Tell me, who doesn't like comfort foods steaks, hearty soups, vegetables, and super awesome deserts like Zebra domes?

Another interesting place which is new and modern, Bay Lake Towers (BLT). Now I feel like the likely hood of me getting a room here is less than spectacular just over a month out from when I am thinking I would like to arrive, but it makes my list and I wouldn't turn it down. BLT is the newest property in central Florida and offers views of the Magic Kingdom.

Another wonderful resort is Saratoga Springs right next door to Old Key West and Downtown Disney. Saratoga has wonderful rooms and themed with a horse racing motif. I have stayed here several times in the last couple of years. They have plenty of bus stops and boat service to Downtown Disney. Saratoga also has the Tree House Villas. Now the Tree House Villas are not even on my radar because they are three bedroom Villas and I am only getting a studio this time to save on the points. There is still a Food and Wine Festival later this year.

The last DVC property I could have the possibility of staying at is the Wilderness Lodge. I have never stayed at the Wilderness Lodge but I have eaten at Whispering Canyons Cafe, which was excellent. I sure there is a picture somewhere of my "large" Dr. Pepper. I'll find that and post it later. Wilderness Lodge is anything but lost in the wilderness. Full of all the amenities even though it looks rustic. Disney does theming like no one else.

So I will be calling next week to check on room availability. I think my first choice will be the Beach Club Villas, second choice, Animal Kingdom Lodge, Third BLT, 4th OKW. Of course I will take whatever is available if any of these aren't possible but let's keep hope alive. I will keep you all posted when make my final reservations. Research Trip Here I Come!!!


  1. are you driving or flying w/ a rental car? in my humble opinion, it would seem animal kingdom would be very hard to do w/o a car, just for convenience.

    of course, any way you go, you're going to have a fab trip (even if you're staying in the lowly pop, like me). congrats on the solo trip; you'll love it!!

  2. I will be driving down. It's only about 9 hours driving from Birmingham. I looked at flying but didn't want the added expense of a rental car. I normally only use Magical Express. I have always had good luck with it.


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