Monday, February 7, 2011

Team Post: Haven't You Seen It All Yet?

You have been to Walt Disney World multiple times, what keeps bringing you back? How do you answer when asked: "haven't you seen it all"?

DisneyDad: Actually I have more people asking me what to see and do at WDW than why I keep going back, but to those that do ask “haven’t you seen it all?” I answer NO! Disney is always updating, adding and changing things that there have been attractions that have opened and closed and I never saw them. One example is Discovery Island. Discovery Island was an animal preserve in the middle of Bay Lake that closed when Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened. We did send Chris there on his first trip. There are so many Behind the Scene tours available that have been available over the years and I have only been on a very few. There are lots of seasonal attractions. EPCOT has the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival as well as the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival that changes from year to year. Both of these have concert series associated with the Festival that have entertainers performing weekly. EPCOT also hosts the Candlelight Processional at Christmas with guest narrators (this year’s narrators includes Isabella Rossellini, John O’Hurley, Steven Curtis Chapman, Trace Adkins, and Brad Garrett) reading the Christmas Story. Plus where else can you go and see Mickey Mouse?

Ridge: No, not even close. While Disney has its classic appeal and charm, it is also an ever expanding and evolving park. There are tours to take, people to talk with and an entire community to share our experiences with. I get to help others find that Disney magic and plan their own trip to see what it is that people like us are talking about.

Amy: It’s almost impossible to see and do it all. We don’t generally tour the parks too hard, preferring to take our time, so there are plenty of attractions that I only see every couple of trips and this helps keep them fresh. Since I’ve visited while pregnant in the last few years, I’ve not been able to ride Disney’s wonderful thrill rides. Even things I make sure to see every visit (Pirates, Soarin’, Haunted Mansion) are always fun no matter how many times I’ve taken the journey. With Disney always changing and growing, it feels like there is always a new attraction, restaurant, resort, or shop to explore…and most often there is lots that is new! I still haven’t stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge or checked out all the spas. And then there is the new tour at Animal Kingdom to experience as well as all the others I haven’t gotten around to yet. Any time you take new people along, it’s all new as you see everything with them. This is especially true with children. Taking my own child has been a whole new World and on our last trip, we also were able to spend some time with my cousin and his family. It was so much fun watching Main Street Electrical Parade with his girls as they took in their very first Disney parade.

But it’s also that familiarity, the history, that keeps me coming back. All the memories of trips past. Good times shared with family and friends. The comfort of knowing my way around. The place that never fails to spark my curiosity.

What keeps you going back to Walt Disney World?


  1. I get asked the same thing over and over. It is almost impossible to have the same exact Disney vacation. As was mentioned, every season offers different festivals, experiences and special ticket events. There are so many restaurants that you couldn't possible eat at all of them in one trip. Plus, with my kids being so young, each trip brings new magical moments, especially since they have been as infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Their interactions with characters and reactions to different attractions keep us wanting to go back. There is nothing better than seeing my 4 year old and 3 year old princesses meet all their favorite princesses or seeing my son drive the Tomorrowland Speedway racecars with a smile from ear to ear, even on his 5th, 6th or 7th go of it!

  2. amy, I think you said it best, it's the familiarity mixed with new and excitement that makes us want to go back so many times. thanks for sharing!

  3. It must be almost impossible to see it all. And even if I had, I love it so much I'd want to see it all over again lol
    Can't wait to show Tink


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