Friday, February 18, 2011

Dole Whip in your local strip mall!!!

Dole Whip is one of those foods with a cult following. Ask any Disney fan about their favorite treat at Walt Disney World and the answer you will hear most often is Dole Whip. I also bet they'll have that far off look in their eyes as they remember times at their favorite vacation destination.

Today is a gorgeous, sunny, almost warm day in my suburb smack in the middle of the country. After playgroup and running a couple of errands, I decided Tink and I should go investigate a rumor at Orange Leaf frozen yogurt. A huge thanks to Corby at Travel with the Magic for this tip!

Frozen yogurt (or froyo) is back in fashion. My 'burb has two of the current incarnation of self-serve yogurt shops from different chains. These stores have 10-12 machines lining one wall and you simply grab a cup and help yourself. Then it's off to the topping bar followed by a stop at the cashier where you pay based on the weight of the finished product.

We were there to try the pineapple frozen yogurt tastes JUST LIKE DOLE WHIP!!!! Sorry for the half eaten photo below, but I couldn't resist diving in. We also tried orange (weird sweettart-ish taste) and wedding cake (yummy).

For some reason, both of our shops have the same low to the ground chairs. They are a little awkward for an adult but great for kids. Tink didn't care for my choices but they let me get her a sample cup of vanilla for free. She loved it.

I'm totally kicking myself for taking so long to get over there and we are moving out of town soon. The nearest Orange Leaf to our new town is 4.5 hours away. (Anyone want to invest in a frozen yogurt shop in North Carolina?)

With the upcoming move and Baby Girl due in May, my next WDW vacation is not anytime soon. Thanks again, Corby, for a little Disney fix today. Now if they would just play the Adventureland music...



  1. it figures, no locations in AL.

  2. I was so excited to read this, but then realized my diet is extremely happy there are no places like this near me! :-)

  3. we have a frozen yogurt shop here, but I've never had pineapple. I will have to try it! thanks for the tip!!!

  4. Love it!!! OK, so if I suddenly become wealthy, note to self: open up an Orange Leaf in NC and AL. ;)

    I will admit, I get a tester of the Pineapple to give me my fix and then I get the Cake Batter. It's just too good! Wish they had the vanilla and pineapple next to each other so I could get a swirl.

  5. BTW, we have a bunch of these yogurt places nearby (I live in Atlanta. Seems to be the latest food trend Orangeleaf is the only one I've found that has the Dole Pineapple flavor.

  6. OMG these sound amazing, frozen yoghurt isnt very popular here, Ive only seen a couple places but my favourite there was oreo, yummy. Ill have to see if there is one in my town but I doubt it. C'mon UK get with the times lol.


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