Thursday, November 22, 2012

What My Child Truly Loved at WDW & Happy Thanksgiving!

On her first day back at preschool, Tink's teacher asked her several times what was her favorite thing about her Disney trip. Did she say riding Dumbo or the "flying sofas"? Nope. What about meeting her beloved princesses or being a part of Belle's new show? Nah. Surely it was the Minnie Mouse with the light up skirt that she drug all over creation. No. It was these folks. 

Every time the teacher asked Tink's answer to the best thing about Walt Disney World was her grandparents. She calls them Granny and Grandaddy but you know them as DisneyDad and Mom. I asked her at lunch yesterday and the result was still the same. As a follow-up question, I asked her what she did. "Played." Yes, she remembers the trip and can tell you about the rides but the people are what was important. 

It's the friends with us when we ride our favorite coaster that make it so much fun. Scoring the most coveted ADR is a hollow victory without a pal to share the meal. Fireworks over the castle are always gorgeous but sharing an inside joke makes them even more amazing. 

Today I am thankful for many things but among them are the lovely family and sweet friends who make Walt Disney World such a special place to me. I love going into the living room at Old Key West in the morning and having a cup of coffee with my brother. Wish we could meet up more often. It's so nice to share a meal with my parents, even though it's far from relaxed with two small kids along. It's great when my husband gets a big laugh during an attraction and temporarily gets to forget the pressures of the real world. And of course, I love the huge smiles on my daughters' faces when they see Mickey.

Over the last couple of years, I've also been meeting Disney friends at the parks. I'm sure that sounds odd to those who haven't yet connected with the online Disney community but those who have will understand why you run to hug someone you've never seen in person before.

And if you're reading this, I am thankful for you. I've loved sharing our family's stories and lessons learned. It's an honor to connect with other Disney fans.

From the Growing Up Disney family, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. 


  1. I loved being at Walt Disney World with my two precious Granddaughters and my wife and children (I count my son-in-law as one of my kids too!) It is great to share a trip with them.

    This trip I also got to meet several of the on line Disney friends Amy and Chris have made. I'm not on Twitter as much as they are. It was fun to share the Castle Show and Fireworks with them.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    --Disney Dad

    Hey Amy! Wish we were together today so I could make everyone breakfast and share a cup of coffee with you.

  2. Dad, we are having sausage balls and I've brewed Santa's White Christmas. We'll FaceTime you later today. (The girls won't eat the sausage balls so they are getting toaster waffles this morning.) Andy is getting the turkey started on the grill. ;)
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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