Friday, November 9, 2012

Packing for your next WDW trip?

Time to Pack

Walt Disney Partners statue Growing Up Disney

When do you pack for your next trip to Walt Disney World?  Amy starts gathering things up almost a month a head and putting them aside – after all she is my organized child.  Ridge said he starts packing 4 or 5 days before a trip – plenty of time to make sure you have everything.  Mom starts gathering thing up 2-3 weeks as she always wants to make sure there are plenty of food/snacks for the trip, clothes are washed and the dog has a reservation at the kennel.  I checked and cleaned up the car last weekend.  But packing…. That’s different!

Mom and I pull the suitcases out and start packing, not months, weeks, or days ahead, but hours ahead.  We usually pack the suitcases the evening before our trip.  The car gets packed just before we leave.  Mom makes a few lists, and most of the time we remember everything.  Sometimes we forget a few things, but since we drive down, it’s not too much trouble to pick up anything forgotten. 

Growing Up Disney
Main Street Philharmonic

There are a few more things I pack now than I use to.  First, as I write this on Monday before our trip, I still have to put the car seat in.  It may not get used, but Tink likes riding in Granddaddy’s car when she gets the chance, so in it goes.  Next, I have to make sure Mom’s mobility scooter’s battery is charged (as well as my camera batteries).  The first thing to go in the car trunk – the scooter. 

Growing Up Disney
Cinderella Castle

A new item to our family trips is the Keurig.  Guess we are spoiled to the single cup coffee maker.  So in goes the Keurig and boxes of K-Cups.  Also anytime we are seeing Tink and Minnie there is also the gifts for the Granddaughters.  So there are gifts, new story books, and things from the Disney Store that must be packed. 

Growing Up Disney
Where do you find me?

And finally, the clothes go into the car.  The more I think about it, I may need a bigger car.


By the way, the pictures have nothing to do with packing, I just like the photos.  - DisneyDad

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  1. I like the photos too! See you real soon! I'll take a picture of my loaded down van.


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