Monday, November 26, 2012

Ignore the Mom Bloggers and Buy the Light-Up Toy

Walt Disney World light-up toys

Planning blogs, including this one, will tell you to look for light-up toys, glow sticks, etc at home where you can often stock up for very little cash.  The idea is to save money buy passing on the expensive toys that appear all around Walt Disney World as soon as the sun begins to dip.  

Well, I did that and had glow bracelets in my backpack and a stash of other glowing treats at home.  My husband, however, just knew that Tink wanted a Minnie Mouse with a skirt that spins and lights up and he bought it on the first night of our recent vacation.  I laughed and told him he was fired but I couldn't be too upset when our oldest daughter was running around Epcot with such joy. 

This turned out to be Tink's main souvenir from this vacation and Minnie went everywhere with us during the week.  She (the doll) met Mickey and princesses, went on attractions, and visited restaurants.    It's even safe for our Baby Minnie (17 months) and she has enjoyed playing with the toy as well.

So as with all rules, sometimes you just have to break them and occasionally you win big.

light-up toys, walt disney world bus
Minnie joined Tink on the bus to Magic Kingdom

Minnie helped Tink be a part of the show at Enchanted Tales with Belle

Ariel loved Tink's treasure from the human world

Of course, Mickey loved this particular toy

Even Princesses loved Minnie


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  1. Agreed!! With have a spinning glow mickey head that we play with at home on a regular basis. Worth it!


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