Monday, August 1, 2011

If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy

In the real world, it burns me when a restaurant, especially a newly remodeled fast food chain, doesn't have changing tables in the restrooms. In my opinion, if you offer high chairs, you need a changing table. Hey restauranteurs of the world, if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

I wrote the minor rant above one day in the parking lot of a certain behemoth chain who had a beautiful new store with nowhere to change my child.  This particular company is known for marketing to children yet it's not all that unusual for them not to cater to the needs of the families they lure under their arches.  This brings me to yet another reason Walt Disney World is fantastic for those traveling with small children--changing tables.  In each restroom, regardless of gender, there are changing stations.  Some of them are better than others and some locations could honestly use two tables, but at least they are always there. 



  1. I couldn't agree more! Especially with the high chair part. I had a bit of a situation a couple years ago in a restroom when my son had the worst diaper possible and no table... I had to change him on the vanity. Of course the other patrons weren't to happy, but what was I to do? My little guy was traumatized of course with the bright lights and weird surroundings. The owner's wife had come in and ended up helping me keep him from squirming. It wasn't until we were that she let me know this was her establishment. She said it was due to insurance cost that they didn't have a changing table. Ridiculous!

  2. I especially like that Disney has changing tables in BOTH restrooms! It's more than irritating when DH takes the baby for a diaper change, only to return a few minutes later with a screaming baby because there's no changing table in the men's room.

  3. We've been in a "family" buffet pizza place with no changing table. And worse, NOTHING around the sink to even lay her on. We ended up leaving and I changed her in the car! I was told the same thing - "insurance" reasons. I let the manager know that we would NOT be returning and I was going to make sure everyone I knew heard that they didn't have a changing table.

    I LOVE Disney having changing tables in the mens' rooms too! And knowing that the restrooms are clean is a huge plus too!

  4. Insurance costs must be really bad and if so, that's ok for small mom and pop places but large companies really should take better care of their customers. All of our family is far away so we've traveled a good bit with the little one (and will soon be going with two.) I'd love to have a place I can count on. So far the only reliable fast food chain is Chick Fil A. For sit down places, Cracker Barrel usually has a good set up.


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