Monday, June 21, 2010

Great Baby Travel Gear--Booster Seat

Tink has traveled a good bit for someone so small.  I'm starting a new recurring piece to share some gear that makes travel easier. 

FYI:  I received everything that I will be reviewing as gifts from family or friends.  (Nope, no products thrown my way, but I'd be glad to post an honest and FTC compliant review of anything you'd like to send me.) 

Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat - Blue/Green/GrayFirst up is the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat - Blue/Green/Gray.  I have this in a red/cream color scheme.  It is a highchair or booster seat that attaches to a regular chair with two straps.  The chair can be used once baby can sit with some assistance.  We carry this with us just about everywhere--Grandma's house, restaurants, family reunions, etc.  It doesn't go to Walt Disney World with us since we fly.  It's simple to attach and gets easier with some practice.  I can do it while holding my daughter.  My mother-in-law was so impressed with it that she bought her own.  My mom says this chair will be her new go-to baby gift.  So why do we like it so much?  My daughter sits in this chair far better than the standard wooden restaurant highchairs which gives us more time to enjoy meals out.  She's well-restrained yet comfortable and that cuts down on the wiggles that happen in the standard chairs.  The height is adjustable so we can raise her up to be involved in the dinner conversation.  I'm not a germaphobe but I do love that I can wash the tray so I know her dining surface is clean.  The edges on the tray also mean Tink doesn't knock much into the floor.  There is a cover for the tray so it all stays clean while being transported or stored.  The seat itself doesn't have corners to catch crumbs and easily wipes clean.  We do have one of the cloth covers for a grocery cart or a restaurant high chair but I only find it works well at the grocery store.  This chair doesn't take up a lot of room in the van and one of the straps makes a nice handle or shoulder strap for carrying.  We've used it on several road trips and turned hotel room desk chairs into high chairs for breakfast.  Used without the tray, this is a booster seat, so we'll be able to use it for years to come.

Check back for future posts on other items that make travel with baby a little easier and more fun.


  1. Thanks for this review! We were considering getting this same booster seat to use at home. Do you think it would work for everyday use? or is it better just for travel?

  2. I considered it for everyday use. If Audrey had started solids a little later, we might have just used this seat. I have a Graco Contempo highchair. It reclines and has two seat covers. Once we have another, the baby will get the highchair and Audrey will use the booster at the house all of the time.

  3. We have this same booster (even the color is the same!) and we got it on the recommendation of my sister (who has 5 kids). They use theirs instead of a high chair as well as traveling with it. We're planning on getting my in-laws one as well so we don't have to take ours when we visit and so when my sister-in-law comes down we'll bring ours so each of our little girls will have a chair.

  4. I just ordered ours! We got the red color combo, too. Lilly will be starting solids soon, so we're going to start off with this and see how it goes. Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. As usual, we took our booster to our local Mexican restaurant on Friday night. This is a tiny restaurant and there were two other families with these boosters.


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