Thursday, June 10, 2010

Snack Time with Ridge--Aloha Isle

Aloha Isle is a staple at Magic Kingdom providing year-round delicious treats of vanilla, chocolate, orange and, most importantly, pineapple soft serve ice cream. This confection has its own loyal following and its fans can’t wait to dig in to the pineapply goodness.

Aloha Isle is located just over the bridge from the main hub into Adventureland. In addition to the star attraction, you can have coke and root beer floats, coffee, hot tea, hot cocoa, bottled water, as well as the usual fountain drinks. The prices are reasonable for everything on the menu with the most expensive thing there being what I like (go figure) the Pineapple Float at 3.99 plus tax.

When I am lucky enough to visit Aloha Isle, I am a pineapple float with pineapple juice kind of a guy. The Dole Whip soft serve itself is pretty sweet however the pineapple juice is not too sweet and to me almost a little bitter, together making a balanced flavor of LOTS of pineapple. My sister likes to get the Citrus Swirl, a nice blend of orange and vanilla soft serve that tastes similar to a Creamsicle. We like to get one of these tasty diversions after we have been walking a while and usually either right before or just after we ride Pirates of the Caribbean.

There is a covered seating area just to either side of the stand. These areas can be crowded, especially during one of the sudden Florida afternoon rain showers. There is also an alcove to the left on the way to the restroom and there are usually tables there. Because it is pushed back from the main path, usually no one is sitting over there…making it possible to think and plan the next attack.

Do you have to visit Aloha Isle on each trip too? Share your thoughts.

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  1. you know, i hate to say it but i'm not a HUGE fan of the dole whip - does that make me less of a WDW lover?? i'd rather have a big ole ice cream and cookie sandwhich or a mickey bar. still, on a hot day right after going on the jungle cruise, a dole whip is pretty awesome.


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