Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Recognizing Mickey Mouse

Of course, I hope my daughter shares my interest in all things Disney.  However, this indoctrination may be working too well.  Tink has started to recognize Mickey and get excited when she sees him.  This is cute when she sees the photo of Mickey and Minnie helping my husband and I cut our wedding cake.  It's also cute when she twists around while being held on my hip to check out Mickey on my t-shirt.  However, it backfires when she wants to play with my new Photopass mug.  Granted, the little one is in the picture on the mug, but hot coffee is not child-friendly and I have to hide my cup and sneak sips.  I guess I'll get to use my new mug in peace once the new wears off.

I'll do a full story on Photopass soon!


  1. I was just wondering to myself "i wonder how photopass works"! Thanks for your blog, great tips, will be traveling in 9/10 with a 2yo and 14 mo.

  2. So glad you like the blog. I've used Photopass on several trips and have been very happy with the service. I'll devote a full post to all the details soon. Thanks again!


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