Monday, May 2, 2011

I've Created a Monster

A cute, little, smart, Disney loving one, but a monster no less.

Tink has been getting her regular dose of Disney her whole life (just over two years.) She insists on her Mickey, Minnie, Eeyore and Ariel dolls for naps and bedtime. Her favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Yesterday, after she saw a little bit of a Tinkerbell movie, she was saying, "I'm Tinkerbell." (Well, yes, Baby, you are.) She travels like a champ and went to Walt Disney World for her first birthday and at 18 months.

So where's the "monster" come in? Innocently enough, I sang her the theme song from Carousel of Progress, "Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" a while back. She was still hooked on "Jingle Bells" and "Frosty the Snowman" and I was just wanting to sing something else. Tink loved the new song and started asking for it. It became a regular part of the routine, along with "Jesus Loves Me" and "You are My Sunshine." I kept the "Four Parks, One World" CDs in the kitchen radio, and she would get excited when her song would come on.

For our recent cross-country move, I put the CDs into the van's changer to have a kid-friendly (and Mama-friendly for that matter) music option ready to go. I normally try to limit her TV time but on that trip, all bets were off and she watched Disney and PBS shows for 1300 miles. We didn't really need the music much. She did ask for "Great Big Gomorrow again" a few times but no big deal.

However, on a recent trip exploring our new area, my plan of kid-friendly, calms her down music blew up in my face. We were stuck in traffic on the way over to the beach (crying for me, aren't you?) and the toys and such that I could reach just weren't working. I turned on Tink's favorite song and she was happy. We tried to let the CD play on to its soothing Epcot background music but shortly after the end of "GBBT," my husband and I would hear "Great Big Gomorrow again" from the back seat. We'd restart the song and all was well. This went on enough times that my husband finally used the repeat feature to keep the song going on a loop. After a while, I turned off the front speakers so he and I didn't have to hear the song as clearly. Let's just say, she insisted on listening to "GBBT" all of the remainder of the trip. Yes, we could have said no, but she's done really well with all the changes we've put her through in the last few weeks and we had her way off schedule on this particular day. So we listened to "GBBT" for over 2 hours that day.

Now, any time we get in the van, that little voice from the back is asking for "Great Big Gomorrow again." Yes, I created the monster, but I just can't take that song much more.


  1. I have that CD that song!!!!!!

  2. That is too funny! Hayden loves when we sing that song too but luckily it's not on repeat! Yet! ;-)

  3. My 2 year old daughter is the same but instead of GBBT, it's "Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Pirates Life For Me", "It's a Small World" and "Grim Grinning Ghosts"! I love those rides and the music, but I always put the music to the car's rear speaks so it's not repeating in my head all day at work! lol.


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