Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's Go Time.

It's finally here: day zero, party day, travel day oh, and still a working day. Not complaining though, my job and manager Jim are flexible and very understanding of the fact I seem to have a Disney problem. Thinking of that I have to take a drug and alcohol awareness in the workplace compliance do-hicky before I leave out today. So hi, my name is Chris and I have an addiction to good entertainment, a large mouse and the world of family fun that Walt built. The byproduct of all this is a large collection of camera gear, movies, trips to Florida and a pretty large group of friends, some of which I'll be seeing Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well as next week.

So I'll be posting as often as possible to the blog here as activities allow at Star Wars Weekends and other fun times from my trip.

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  1. For some reason I didn't know you were back to WDW so soon, have a fab time :-)

  2. Have a safe trip! I won't be far behind you! Saturday is my big day :-)

  3. That's awesome, Chris! Hope you have an amazing time! Looking forward to updates!

  4. Have a great trip! Have a Carrot Cake Cookie for me!!

  5. Ahh yes, the weekend(s) that just seemed to slip into a blur...we all slept so little during that time that I just remember having an awesome time!


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