Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mishap for the day...

I left work on time and programmed the GPS to take me away however in my infinite wisdom knowing much better the direction I wanted to take I ignored my GPS and started out. Using it more as an estimate for time rather than a direction.
This arrogance soon backfired as I got trapped in traffic due to a pretty bad wreck. Then while taking to my sister the check engine light came on. This was then followed by then engine running very rough. I was so close to my old stomping ground Auburn University that pulled on in to the local auto parts store and had them diagnose the light. "O2 sensor, we don't carry that one". After a call to DisneyDad, I was calling the local dealership to see if they had it. They DID! But surprise! The service department sucked so they couldn't put it on. Luckily one of the guys there called a local mechanic and he said he could get it on now and save me burning my hands (these things are not located conveniently). So that leads me to right now, delayed but not deterred. I'll be back on the road in no time hopefully with a functioning car and a lighter wallet. I would have fixed it myself in a pinch and was prepared to since I carry a set of tools in the trunk. However, I don't have a split wrench that you need to do something like this so paying a professional seems like my best option right now.

Back on the road soon....

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