Friday, May 6, 2011

A Walk Around The World With Ridge – Making a List Checking it Thrice.

It’s almost here! But everything has to be checked off the list before it can be real. I have said this before but taking a trip as an adult is a slightly difficult proposition. I am SO used to my sister Amy being the trip planner and I just showed up and played. Now on to my second solo trip I am still no better at getting myself together. I have all the tools I need: Unofficial Guide,, and all the usual suspects in podcasting. Also now that I am a shutter bug and the official photographer for I have to drag around lots of gear to help capture those missing shots and illusive moments worth saving on “film”. So to make sure I have everything I need I have a packing list. It definitely needs some improvement but seems to cover all my bases. So indulge me and I will share part of my packing check list.

Disney Check list

- Camera body
- Batteries (3)
- Each individual lens I own
- Tripod
- External Flash
- Filters, UV, ND, Star and Polarizer
- Memory Cards
- Flashlight
- Battery Charger
- Card Reader
- Remote Shutter Release
- Lens Cloth/cleaning wipes
- Laptop with charging cord
- Camera bag(s)

(not pictured is my tripod and a 500mm lens)

- First aid kit
- Router
- Bottled water

Now my working list also contains sections for clothing and toiletries which sound silly when you say it out loud but more often than not while you’re packing you’d be surprised to find that you forgot your socks in a hurry to pack. But when I am driving down and I have the chance to pack what I want and not just what I need, I bring a few extra items. Generally I don’t pack snacks; I just stop when I get gas if I feel like I need something. But I do like to grab a case of bottled water. They are not only good for the car ride but also to take them to the park. I will fill them up from the water fountains only buying an ice cold water if it is just ridiculously hot. Another item you might not think about it a wireless router. If I find it necessary to use the internet in the room (which is increasing with this blogging thing,) I will hook up the router so that I am not tied to cable and the wall. Also I generally will bring my own Ethernet cable that is 10ft + so that I can sit somewhere besides the table.

There was a time not all that long ago that if it didn’t fit into my pockets I wouldn’t dream of taking it to the parks. Getting older, hopefully wiser and with an ever growing interest in photography combined with a love of gadgets, gizmos and do-hickys, I now drag around a good extra 15lbs with the tripod attached and bottles of water loaded. It amazes me just to think about it all. On the other side, the moments I am catching in the pictures and the education I am getting in preparations are priceless.

Do you pack anything special for the trips, what makes your packing list?

I just have to say that I love my Lowepro bags, I have the Sling 100AW for light and fast shooting and the Versapack 200AW(featured) that is able to hold everything I would want to pack to have it all. The Versapack also has a really nice system for attaching the tripod to it and makes it all very comfortable.

I have been no way endorsed or compensated for my opinion, I just really like these bags.

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