Monday, November 29, 2010

Applesauce Worthy of NASA, well almost

I have a new favorite quick snack for Tink: applesauce packs from GoGo SqueeZ. These handy little packets hold one serving of all natural unsweetened applesauce. I admit I think it’s really cool that the package was originally designed for NASA.

We received our sample kit in October prior to our last trip to Walt Disney World. I gave Tink one as soon as I unpacked the box; it doesn’t require refrigeration. She’s a big applesauce fan and I could tell she enjoyed being able to feed herself. Even at 17 months, GoGo SqueeZ was easy for her to maneuver and as long as she doesn’t swing it around, there isn’t any mess. We’ve only had leftovers once, but technically you can replace the cap and store the opened pack in the fridge for 24 hours. In my experience, it’s more likely that you’ll be opening a second one than storing some of the first. I usually have to hide the cap once I remove it because Tink always wants to play with it. Since it’s a potential choking hazard, I keep it out of reach.

GoGo SqueeZ is available in 5 all natural flavors: Apple/Apple, Apple/Strawberry, Apple/Cinnamon, Apple/Banana, and Apple/Peach. We have the Apple/Apple and Apple/Banana flavors and Tink likes them both. I requested the simpler flavors for my toddler but I can see the other combos being popular with older children.

I put GoGo SqueeZ to the ultimate test on vacation. I packed up my whole stash for Walt Disney World. The one or two packs in my carry-on luggage went through security with no problem. They were in my quart-sized zipper bag, of course. Tink is a little picky so feeding her in airports and on planes is a challenge. GoGo SqueeZ helped me know I was giving her something healthy. The leg of our trip from St. Louis to Orlando was a full flight, so Tink had to sit in my lap. Even in those tight quarters, she enjoyed an applesauce pack with no mess to either of us or our very kind seat mates.

Once at the World, even though we tried to stick close to Tink’s schedule, time just seemed to get away from us. The GoGo SqueeZ was really helpful in providing a quick snack when meal time was still just a little while off. I didn’t get any pictures of her with her applesauce because you don’t tend to think of capturing memories of your life preserver. I specifically remember her eating one on the benches outside Carousel of Progress, in line for and on the monorail, and Granny giving her one while waiting for lunch at the Studios.

GoGo SqueeZ is now a staple in my kitchen and diaper bag. It’s really convenient, not messy, and healthy. I can see it coming in handy on future road trips. An applesauce cup and spoon would be out of the question in a moving car, but I think she could handle the GoGo Squeez just fine.

Check your local store to buy a box at a time.  It's available in some of the major discount and grocery stores.  Or if you prefer to buy in bulk, check out Amazon for case prices. 

A big thanks to GoGo SqueeZ for providing us some of their product to try. I’m hooked!

I received no compensation other than some applesauce in exchange for this review.  I honestly think this is a cool product.

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  1. These were really cool, so much so I wanted to try them. Anything good enough for NASA has my vote.


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