Friday, November 26, 2010

A Walk Around The World With Ridge--A day in the park alone

Happy Black Friday Everyone! I am not shopping in stores today so on with the show!

Unless you go on a solo trip or have just had all the fun you can stand with your family or significant other, most people never wander un-tethered around the parks. I like it when I can just have a little while alone and get things done at my own pace. On the October 2010 trip I had a day to do just that.

With Amy not feeling so hot and little Tink in a ultra playful mood I decided that I would hit the parks alone and let Disney Dad, Mom and Amy go shopping and let Tink play. I would go use my newly acquired DSLR camera (Canon Rebel EOS T1i) to stock up on photos. I decided to just hop on the first bus to a park I saw and exactly the moment I hit the stop Hollywood Studios was there.

I hit the park right at the end of rope drop and move straight to Toy Story Midway Mania. I had never stood in the stand by line and therefore had never see Mr. Potato Head acting as the Carnival barker. I have read several times that he breaks down often and was just hoping that I would get to see him in action. Lucky day after 45 minutes I got to where I could actually hear him speaking. I was able to watch him move around for a while but listening to him sing and tell jokes was even better. My patience paid off as I was able to take lots of shots of the queue and Mr. Potato Head. As soon as I was past him and picking up my 3-D glasses he broke down and his curtain was pulled. The rest of the ride was as fun as I remembered it. At least until I was able to ride it a few days later with Todd and a few other awesome folks after the Growing Up Disney meet-up at the Writers Stop, but all that is for another day.

After TSMM, I aimlessly walked around the park just taking pictures. To my surprise on the Streets of America I found a set of porcelain Siamese cats in a window. Unimpressive to most whom were to walk by and I am sure to the teenagers that were walking behind me I must have been an extreme weirdo to me marveling over some cats in a window. However what they didn't know is that my Grandmother had the exact same cats and inside is a light that would make their eyes glow. So weirdo was I not, merely a nostalgic passer by who happened to take 20 pictures of cats in a window.

After another hour of listlessness I made my way to the Tower of Terror. The Lines app said it was only a five minute wait and after all, it is one of my favorite rides. Well not only was it less than five minutes but I had free reign of the queue and used my time to take pictures with little to no one in them. Best part of the story, I was able to ride all by myself. I thought it was funny enough to buy the picture.

End of part one....

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  1. that is fantastic! I've always wanted to go on a ride by myself. mind you, if it were tower of terror, I would probably be scared to ride in myself...

    there is truly nothing better than walking around the park, by yourself and just taking it all in. thanks for sharing!

  2. it was lots of fun, I would be interested in planing a solo mini trip of 3 or 4 days all alone soon.

  3. I've never done a solo trip (just sneak off on my own every now and then), but I think I'm going to go down new years eve (solo trip with 9.6 million of my "close, personal friends"). imagine the people watching!


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