Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Photo Flashback

Or is it video? It was my turn to think of a favorite moment and post it for everyone this week, so I am cheating. I want to share a quick video of one of my favorite bands: Off Kilter. Here is Jamie Holten playing a bagpipe solo from Follow Me Up To Carlow. This was taken by me (Chris) in February of 2007. Enjoy!

If you are also a fan of Off Kilter check out their site.


  1. ah bagpipes.... there really is nothing like a good bagpipe player. almost inspires to break out mine again (although, I am very far from being a "good bagpipe player")

  2. Thanks for a little bit of Off Kilter this morning. I try not to miss them everytime we visit EPCOT.

  3. I don't have bagpipes yet* I do have a chanter and a tin whistle. I am a drummer by trade but would love to take lessons and playbthe bagpipes for fun.

  4. I had got them for a guy I was dating for christmas and the bagpipes lasted longer than the relationship... but I tried a few time to play them and it sounded like dying seals. I thought it would be somewhat similar to the clarinet... but alas. maybe on day I'll take lessons.


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