Thursday, December 9, 2010

Guest Post: Keeping the Disney Magic Alive from the UK

I am a Disney lover living in the UK. Amy has asked me to write an article about how I can live the Disney lifestyle from across the pond.

I'm sure there are an awful lot of us here in England. I have already made a few good friends on Twitter that don't live that far from me. But it is often the case that they own DVC and are able to travel over to WDW fairly often.

So what about fanatics such as myself who don't have DVC or a villa in FL or the luxury of a yearly trip, how do we cope?

I thought about this as I woke up this morning. I got out of bed wearing my Tink PJs and put on my Pooh dressing gown and Eeyore slippers. I went into the Pooh Corner themed nursery and picked up my baby Tink from her cot in her Minnie PJs. DH had brewed me a cuppa in my Mickey mug and I sat Tink in her highchair with her Daisy bib and fed her with her Princess spoon. Hmmm, I thought, how do I get a dose of Disney?

As Tink and I showered and got dressed - her in an entire Minnie outfit including shoes and hat and me into Mickey underwear, Tink tee, WDW sweater and windbreaker and packed my WDW wallet into my Tink bag, we headed to the shops. We drove in my car with a Mickey arieal topper, Mickey bumper sticker and Minnie hanging from the dash. I needed to get some Christmas shopping and of course, it was Tigger wrapping paper and cards. Well it had to be Disney to go with DDs giant Christmas 2010 Mickey and Tinkerbell snowglobe presents right? Hmmm I thought, what do I do to get a Disney fix?

I bring Tink home and we watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse whilst we eat some lunch. I wipe the dishes with my WDW tea towel and brew up some Disney coffee. My MIL has asked me for my Christmas list so I think about this as I change Tink. Top of the list? Fantasia and Beauty and the Beast on DVD of course.

As Tink peacefully drifts off for her nap, no doubt dreaming of Mouses, it's time for me to catch on on Twitter (Disneynine), Facebook (Janine Disney) and the blogs I follow, especially my favourites, Growing Up Disney of course, UMWDW, Disney Driven Life, Meet the Magic and Days in the Park. I tweet and chat with my Disney friends, still thinking to myself, how do I cope without Disney on the doorstep?

DH comes home wearing his favorite WDW tie and I hand him a cup of joe in his best Grumpy mug. As he slips into his Mickey sweater he asks how my day has been and grins wickedly indicating he has purchased me a surprise gift today. Just out of the top of his bag I can see a Disney Store carrier. I know it will be delightful, he got me 2 beautiful pins for our anniversary, he got a new Mickey tie from me! He asks if I've come up with any ideas for the article yet? I say that I'm still not sure how I live a Disney life over in the UK, but did he see today's newspaper with pictures from the town Disney tree lighting and Disney inspired parade? Of course, we live in the only town in the UK twinned with WDW. Coincidence? I ask if he'll pop up into the loft to get down the Christmas tree and decorations. My favorites of course being from The 12 Days of Christmas store in DTD and a Mickey sorcerer hat proudly sits on the top.

Then it hits me. As I sit in my den, surrounded by Mickey cushions, WDW coasters, WDW artwork, photopass and ride pictures, WDW collectibles, my pin collection, Pooh and Tink snowglobes and thats' just the start, watching Sonny with a Chance, tweeting Amy (@disney4babies) and listening to Magical Mouse Radio, I finally see how I manage to keep the Magic going over here in the UK.

Hello. My name is Janine and I'm a Disney-aholic ...

Contributed by Janine Pipe from Swindon, England. She is a proud wife and mommy to Felicity. You can follow her on Twitter, @Disneynine. She is also one of our Minnie Moms.


  1. what a fantastic article! thank you for sharing! I too think "geez, I wish I had more disney in my life on a regular basis. I wish I live closer to the world!" but in reality, it's the everyday things that keep us close to the spirit of disney.

  2. You're not alone...believe me! I, too, am a Disney-holic. And proud of it! Love the post. Keep on livin' the Disney lifestyle.

  3. Great post. I love your tree. Somehow we managed to not by a 2010 Disney ornament when there in NOV. If you know of a good place outside of Disney Store online, pass along.

  4. Thank you all for your comments!

    Heather, have you looked at Hallmark? They have some really cute Disney ornaments.

  5. I'm a little behind but wanted to say awesome article Janine! Love it! :)

    And Heather, I have been kicking myself for not getting a 2010 ornament when we were just there. I guess I'll go to Hallmark but I'm wishing I had the real deal from the park! Next year!


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