Friday, December 3, 2010

A Walk Around The World With Ridge--A day in the parks alone part II-- lunch time

Upon leaving Disney's Hollywood Studios I decided that before I went back to the room to meet up with the rest of the family, I would head over to Epcot and snag some lunch from the IF&WF. To get to Epcot from the Studios there are several options: 1.Take a bus to the front of Epcot about 5-10 minutes of travel time. 2. Take a boat to International Gateway, which can take up to 30 minutes with stops at Swan & Dolphin and Yacht & Beach Club and the BoardWalk. 3. Lastly taking the walking path which takes about 30 minutes depending on your walking speed, it is a couple of miles, but has path options. I chose to hoof it, wanting my exercise for the day.

Down the path are options to walk around the BoardWalk side or the Yacht & Beach Club side, either way its almost the same distance. I took the BoardWalk side because I had a thought on my way over. I can have lunch at Big River Grille and try a Rocket Red Ale. So that is exactly what I did. Big River is a Micro-Brew pub with all the signature beers made in house. The brew kettles are behind glass and at just about any time of day someone is behind that glass tinkering with some element of beer making. There are six homemade beers available: Southern Flyer Light Lager, Gadzooks Pilsner, Steamboat Pale Ale, Rocket Red Ale, Sweet Magnolia Brown Ale and Wowser's Wheat. If I remember correctly the bartender said they also have made seasonal varieties. Oh yeah, I forgot to say I sat at the bar, most places serve the full menu at the bar so I like to sit there. Better view of the TV's, most of the time you can met someone interesting and the bartenders always have a story to tell you.

For lunch I had the Hickory Bacon Burger, smoked cheddar cheese and bacon with a sweet BBQ sauce served up with kettle chips. If you don't know what kettle chips are I'll tell you, they are house-made potato chips cut thick then fried and are extra crisp. I was surprised because the chips were still a little warm and not greasy. With lunch I had a couple Red Rockets, a robust Ale red in color from the amount of malted barley used, a little sweet with a bitter hops finish. I thought it was well balanced after my first one so I had a second one just to be sure I liked it ;) The food was good, well prepared, I asked for medium-well and I got it. I will make this a stop on my next trip. Thanks, for the recommendation for this stop, Bruce.

After the excellent lunch, I pulled myself together and finished my sojourn to Epcot entering the International Gateway and taking a right into France with the goal of making the quick half a lap and heading back to the hotel to rest if only for a few minutes before going to the MNSSHP. My plans of eating in Epcot were dashed a bit after having such a filling lunch but I did manage to stop for some sushi in Japan. If you like tuna, then the Tuna Sensation is perfect. About 2 ounces of Tuna over avocado with a drizzle of soy. It was just right, light and delicious. I could go for sushi most anytime.

In Epcot I rode the Maelstrom, something I haven't done in quite a while because the lines the last few visits have been a little long. I only waited about 20 minutes this time. I like the ride and the film that follows, it could use a little update but I am amazed at the number of people the just walk right past it since it is only 5 minutes long. Anyway after the Maelstrom my time was starting to run thin so I had to start making my way out but not before the obligatory ride on Spaceship Earth. I miss Walter Cronkite's version of the audio and Jeremy Irons too. I still enjoy it and looking for all the changes made over the years that I have been riding. Well, that was about it, my day to myself roaming the park. I hope to soon return even for a solo trip.

What are your favorite things to do when you have time to yourself? Any suggestions on Solo Tripping to WDW?


  1. I love the picture of the sushi with the japanese architecture in the background. thanks for sharing!

  2. Since I just came back from a solo trip, I do have a few suggestions...

    #1. TAKE the solo trip! I feel that everyone owes it to themselves to try it at least once. One of the most amazing experiences of my life thus far.

    #2. Go on one new ride and eat one new food.

    #3. As Chris said, take some time to yourself. You don't have to be running around every minute. Kick your legs up on a bench, people-watch, and think about how blessed you are to be there.

    And #4... don't worry. Don't even think about the word stress. Life is wayyyyy too short.

    Now go to Disney and live it up!

  3. Thank you both.

    Truer words were never spoken: " Now go to Disney and live it up!"


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