Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby's First WDW Visit

When should our new Disney baby first make the trip to WDW?

Growing Up Disney and our Minnie Moms have done general articles on this topic before (click here or here.) When it came to my first daughter, it was an easy decision to time her first Walt Disney World vacation during the week of her first birthday.

My second daughter was born June 1. So when should she go?

Complicating this question is our recent move and its cost, both in terms of money and vacation time. We relocated to North Carolina from Oklahoma in March. We've been in a rental house and are thankfully closing on and moving into our new home in mid-July. Our families live in Alabama, Kansas and DC and we should probably get home to introduce Ashley to family and friends.

Another consideration is cost. I was pushing for a late winter/early spring trip to save some money. Kids under age 3 don't need a park ticket and eat free with a paying adult at Disney buffet meals. Tink's third birthday will be in April 2012. Going to WDW before this time would save us hundreds since a child's ticket is just slightly less than an adult. Just for example, one day's admission for an adult currently costs $90.53. For a child ages 3-9, the cost is $84.14. Ticket chart from Of course, the per day expense goes down the more days you buy, but the child price hovers just below the adult price.

We could go for baby's first birthday but June is a little too hot and crowded for us. My husband was giving me a hard time, saying the baby would want to know why her big sister got to go to WDW for her first birthday and she didn't. I said I'll take Ashley on a special trip when she's old enough to make that argument.

So basically, our decision came down to February or March of 2012 or wait until our regular October Food and Wine Festival vacation, also in 2012. That meant the baby would be either 8 months old or 16 months old. There is a huge difference between those ages. At 8 months, a baby is fun, but they are still all baby. She'd need to nurse or be bottle-fed, we'd have to carry baby food, and multiple naps would be required each day. At 16 months, the little one will be a toddler. She'll be able to walk down Main Street with Granddaddy, eat "real" food, and drink from a sippy cup.

October 2012 it is then.


  1. DisneyMommy aka @dreaminofakvJuly 21, 2011 at 10:13 PM

    I've gone with both an 8 m/o and a 16 m/o and I actually have to say an 8 m/o is easier. The baby food/bottle/breast issue doesn't end up being that big of a deal. While you will need a stroller for both ages, an 8 m/o will sit happily in one and therefore go with the flow. Even better, an 8 m/o can be carried in a wrap, carrier or sling. You can basically go about your touring plans normally. Naps arent issues as they will fall asleep anywhere. A walking toddler is fun, no doubt, but has more potential to slow you down. Their walking is slooooooow, and they are more apt to protest and have their own agendas. We've done every age from 4 months to 2.5 years (so far). Each age is fun for its own reasons!

  2. I suggested both as an option but that didn't fly. We do tend to buy a DVC discounted annual pass and then time two year's trips to fall on one pass.

    My first daughter went at 12 months and 18 months. She rode happily in her stroller most of the time. We travel with my parents and my brother, so with 5 adults, there is always someone happy to help the little one. I totally agree that each age is fun!


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