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"Best Of" Week: Mickey's Birthday Blog Hop--Cake!

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Welcome to our Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Blog Hop! This year Mickey Mouse will be turning 83 and we thought it would be fun to all celebrate with our little ones. I’ll be sharing about cake for the party. You can find links to the other party ideas at the end of this post.

child's birthday party, Mickey Mouse birthday cake

It's time to celebrate Mickey's birthday 
and I'm bringing the cake to the party.  

We've celebrated lots of birthdays in the Growing Up Disney family with Mickey Mouse cakes.  DisneyDad and Mom used to own a bakery, so we've always been spoiled with beautiful and delicious cakes. 

For Tink's first birthday, I made her two Winnie the Pooh cakes for the celebration with Andy's family.  But the big day occurred at Walt Disney World.  My parents made her a Mickey smash cake and a large one for the rest of us to enjoy.   (They managed to successfully transport the cakes from Birmingham to Orlando!)  These photos are from our Grand Villa at Old Key West.  (Man, this is one lucky little girl!)
Mickey Mouse birthday cake
The large cake.  I think Mickey would be proud.

first birthday cake, Mickey mouse first birthday cake
Happy birthday to you!

Mickey Mouse first birthday cake, first birthday cake, birthday at Walt Disney World
Mmm, cake.

Tink had breakfast with Mickey on her first birthday.  She enjoyed the food but wasn't totally sure about the characters.
Walt Disney World birthday, first birthday
The birthday girl with Granddaddy about to board the Monorail.

Chef Mickey's sign
We hadn't been to Chef Mickey's since it moved from the Marketplace a billion years ago but we all enjoyed our breakfast.

birthday cupcake, Chef Mickey's birthday cupcake, first birthday cupcake
Chef Mickey's celebrates ALOT of birthdays.  So many that this cupcake was still warm when they gave it to us.

Chef Mickey, birthday at Walt Disney World
Tink with Daddy and the Big Cheese

For Tink's second birthday, it was just the three of us but I still wanted to do something fun and these Mickey cupcakes were perfect.  I made devil's food cupcakes in Mickey liners.  I took the easy route and bought some white icing.  Full size and snack size Oreos are just right for mouse ears.  I had read that you can roll out red gumdrops and cut out bows to make Minnie cupcakes, but at almost 8 months pregnant and having just moved halfway across the country, those didn't happen.  Thanks to modern technology, we FaceTimed with Uncle Chris on my iPad and Granny and Granddaddy on the iPhone so they were all able to join the party.  (Sounds like a scene from the end of the previous version of Spaceship Earth.)

Mickey Mouse cupcakes, Oreo cupcakes
Pin It
Mickey Mouse cupcakes, oreo cupcakes
The Mickey liners don't look like much after being baked.  They'd probably work better with a light colored cake.

Mickey Mouse cupcakes, oreo cupcakes

"Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you."

If the cake in the following pictures looks familiar, it's because it's the same pan as was used for Tink's smash cake.  My parents' pan had been loaned out and not returned but Uncle Chris found a matching one on eBay.  These are from my 2nd birthday.  Love the late seventies pants!
Mickey Mouse birthday cake

Mickey Mouse birthday cake
While I was showing this post to Tink, she was adamant that this picture is her and not me.  :)Posted by Picasa

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This article originally appeared on Growing Up Disney on November 18, 2011.


  1. I love the Mickey cupcakes! Great way to make them fun even when time is short.

  2. I love the history of that cake pan. What a great history.

  3. Love it! I agree, love the Mickey pan story as well. That's too cute the two of you had the same cake to celebrate.

  4. The cake looks very yummy and the pictures of you are great

  5. Love the cake - it looks adorable! I actually have that Marching Band Mickey cake pan from my mom, who made it for my brother when he was little!

  6. Fun blog hop!! Great cakes Amy!!

  7. You started me to thinking...And I remember, I had a Mickey Mouse birthday cake for my 5th birthday. It was a full sheet cake with a huge Mickey face on one side and a carousel on the other. I loved it. I wish that I had pictures. That was thirty-eight years ago.


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