Monday, July 30, 2012

Walt Disney World - is it as cool as it used to be?

EPCOT 2003

The cool I'm thinking of is temperature and not cool like "_____" (fill in your favorite actor/singer).
After reading Dewayne Bevil's article in The Orlando Sentinel titled "No Sweat: Cool Theme Park Spots," the only one I can think of as "cool" is "Fonzie" from Happy Days.  He seems to think Disney and "other" Orlando theme parks may have bumped the thermostat up a little to save some $$$'s like a lot of us do.  With temperatures soaring in Central Florida (mid 90's for the week of 7/30/12) where do you go to cool off?

The first thing I can think of is DON'T GO when it's HOT!  My wife's favorite times are between October and February - with February being her favorite.  Of course we don't have children in school to worry about any more so we can "avoid" the hotter times of the year.  But if you have to work around school schedules, here are a few ideas.

First, be sure to drink plenty of fluids.  Bring a water bottle and keep refilling it as buying drinks can get expensive.

Next find the cool spots out of the sun.  Bevil's article starts with The American Adventure.  The Rotunda is open 30 minutes before a show, and sitting on the cool floor can help cool you off.  But don't leave too soon and miss the Voices of Liberty singing.  They are wonderful.  Then stay to see the show.  It is an absolutely "don't miss" attraction in EPCOT.

Two other cool EPCOT attractions are O'Canada and Reflections of China.  These are Circle-Vision 360 attractions and are dark and cool.

At the Animal Kingdom, the 3-D movie It's Tough to Be a Bug is a good place to get out of the sun and is fun.  Just watch out for Claire de Room.  Other 3-D attractions at the Studios and Magic Kingdom - Muppet Vision 3-D and Mickey's PhilharMagic are great places to sit down for a while.

At EPCOT there is a fountain I've seen lots of small kids running through - just bring a change of clothes - and there is a cool water mist for bigger kids near Test Track and one in the Magic Kingdom in Tomorrowland. 

At EPCOT there is also Club Cool.  It's not so much an attraction as a place to taste some Coke products.  It's free and it's cool.
DisneyDad and Mom on the People Mover 2003

Another treat to cool off can be found at the ice cream carts.  Get a Mickey head ice cream sandwich or the ultimate treat - Frozen Bananas.  One place that is a "don't miss" regardless of the temperature can be found at the Magic Kingdom's Aloha Isle - Dole Whip!!!  A frozen concoction of pineapple juice and soft serve ice cream is a treat not to be missed - especially when it is hot.

Other times when at the Magic Kingdom we will jump on the WEDway People Mover aka Tomorrowland Transit Authority for a 10 minute ride above Tomorrowland and into the dark of Space Mountain.  Or we may jump on the Monorail and visit the Contemporary or the Grand Floridian.  My wife loves going for afternoon tea at the Garden View Tea Room at the Grand Floridian.  It is a good place to get away for a while.

So if you find yourself in the heat at Walt Disney World drink plenty of liquids, enjoy some cool treats, and take in as many of the "cool" attractions as you can.  Oh! yes - don't forget the sunscreen!



  1. With a child who overheats when it is barely 80, we too have found many spots to keep her cool. Luckily, Disney has so many great spots to cool off, we can usually duck into a quick spot when we see signs that Hayley is overheating.

  2. I like going to the Universe of Energy, the big dark waiting area and then the long ride, a great way to cool off or even nap!

  3. Going in March. Really looking forward to it. Hopefully it won't be unbearable that early in the year.


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