Friday, July 20, 2012

Magical Blogorail: My Favorite Time to Visit Walt Disney World

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My favorite time to visit Walt Disney World  

We'll look at this month's topic a couple of ways.

First, time of day.  I just love the parks at night when we have lingered after the fireworks.  I don't often get to stay late like this anymore since the kiddos need to get back to the room for bed but occasionally, thanks to grandparents, I am sprung from mommy duty and can play late in the parks.  Everyone else scurries for the buses but this is a fabulous time of day to capture a few pictures of the castle, pavilions, etc without anyone around.  I love to stroll toward the park exit enjoying the relative calm, listening to the music, taking in the details.  This is also a wonderful time to chat with Cast Members who aren't in a hurry either.  We've had some terrific Cast Member interactions during these late evening hours.

Favorite time of year: Fall  I'm a huge fan of the Food and Wine Festival.  World Showcase is my favorite part of Walt Disney World and it's only made better by the addition of all of the yummy food and beverage choices.  Seriously, how can you beat walking around the gorgeous promenade sampling tasty treats inspired by cultures from around the world?  This year we are catching the very end of the festival in hopes of also taking in the first part of the Christmas decorations.

Fall is also a great time to participate in a Disney race.  Over the years, I've run in a number of 5k or 10k races during this season.  RunDisney is offering two big race weekends this year.  During the first weekend of F&W will be the Tower of Terror 10 miler.  The Wine & Dine Half Marathon is the last weekend of the festival.  I was planning on running the half this year but after our May trip with the girls, I decided a night race was just a bad idea while traveling with small kids.  As much as I want to run that race, I'm not willing to kill my whole trip for it.  Traveling with little ones is tiring and running 13.1 miles in the middle of the night might not be my best plan.  I'm going to find a local goal race for this year and jump back in with RunDisney another year.

I haven't heard yet about what special foods/drinks/cuisines will be featured this year but regardless, I am really looking forward to the trip.  The weather is usually very pleasant in October and November.  But be sure to check the reports before you go.  It was unusually hot during our visit in late October/early November of 2010.  I was expecting Minnie on that trip and had to sit on the floor of "O Canada" to cool off but it's still much better than the height of summer.

When do you like to visit Disney Parks? Are you a night owl or an early bird? Does fall tickle your fancy or do you prefer another season?

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  1. Great post Amy! One day I am going to join my Blogorail friends and run a 1/2 marathon. You all inspire me!!

  2. Disney in the fall! Our family will be traveling to WDW this fall during that time and will be able to catch the Wine and Food Festival for the first time! I'm really looking forward to it! Thanks for the review!

  3. What a great tip about lingering. We have only gone once at night-but Julia fell right asleep. If that happens again, I was thinking it would be nice to let the crowds rush out and to stay back.

    I actually just signed up for the Disney's Princess Half Marathon-I'm super excited. I actually wanted to give the Tower of Terror a try but it was sold out. But that is a good point that a night marathon could kind of get in the way of having fun with the kids!

  4. I am such a fan of Food & Wine, and can't wait to return. We love going in early December, but running really close is October (as hot as it may be) just so we can return for this great Epcot event.

  5. I love your late night tip!!! That sounds heavenly. My parents have only been with us to Disney once, but I think they're due to try it again. Hopefully I can try that out!

    Nice post - and good job on the runDisney! Enjoy hearing about that, maybe someday...?


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