Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Review: Disney Skins from DecalGirl

If you'd like to show your Disney Side with your mobile device, check out DecalGirl's new line of Disney skins.  You can cover your phone, tablet, e-reader, gaming device or laptop with artwork featuring Mickey and Friends, Princesses, Tinkerbell, Muppets, Pirates, and Winnie the Pooh, just to name a few.  New artwork is being added to the collection; be sure to check out DecalGirl.com to see if your favorite face is there.

My husband gave me a Kindle for Christmas, so I knew just what needed a Disney touch when I was asked to review this product.  The folks at DecalGirl sent me two super fun options.  The Olaf skin is a glossy finish, while the Minnie Bow design is matte.  I really liked the feeling of the matte finish (no glare, no finger prints, a little more grippy) but decided to install the Olaf skin on my Kindle.  We've gone Frozen crazy around here and I adore Olaf.  

Olaf skin for mobile devices, DecalGirl, Disney skins
Front and back of the package.  Arrived in a thick envelope to protect the skins.

Minnie Mouse skin for mobile devices, DecalGirl, Disney skins

Installation was simple and detailed instructions were included in the package with the skin as well as a larger insert within the shipping envelope.  I followed the instructions and started by wiping the Kindle with a clean, soft cloth.

Olaf skin for mobile devices, DecalGirl, Disney skins

First piece on.  So far so good.  The skins are thick enough to be really durable but not so much as to be in the way.  

And here you have the finished product.  I love this!  I prefer to use my Kindle without a case while reading.  The skin adds some Disney fun to my device while also protecting its finish.  I haven't removed this yet but DecalGirl assures me the skins can last for years and remove cleanly.  At some point, I'll test that and swap out for the Minnie Bow skin but for now Olaf and I are going to enjoy many good books together.  I like that my Kindle is now protected from minor scratches and such.  The original finish feels a little delicate and it's much better with Olaf standing guard.

Olaf skin for mobile devices, DecalGirl, Disney skins

Olaf skin for mobile devices, DecalGirl, Disney skins

Here are a few interesting facts about DecalGirl and their products:

  • 100% MADE-IN-THE-USA--DecalGirl products are from US-made vinyl and laminate and the all of the work from sales to design to production to customer service is done in the USA.
  • They provide the highest quality product at a great value.  For devices that allow you to choose your own wallpaper, you can download (FREE) a matching image to complete the Disney transformation. 
  • DecalGirl was the original vinyl skins company in the U.S., as well as being the first to offer the matching wallpaper and the new choice in finishes.  

Once you've found your favorite, use code DECAL10 to get 10% off your order.  These would make great gifts for Mother's Day and Father's Day, as well as for any spring birthdays.

Many thanks to DecalGirl for sending me these samples to review.  I am honestly really excited about my new skins and am happy to be able to share this product with my readers.

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