Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Discount Disney--Visa

My husband asked me to share this tip.  We have the Disney Visa from Chase.  Mine has a castle on it and my husband's is very simple (read: no mouse.)  We use it for practically all of our purchases, including groceries and gas.  We earn 1% in rewards dollars for everything we spend.  Occasionally, Chase runs a special to offer even more rewards dollars and we always sign up.  We pay the card off in full each month so we don't pay any interest or fees.  On each month's statement, we get to watch our vacation fun money savings grow higher.  To use the rewards, you go to the Disney Visa site and request a card.  You can order the initial card with at least $20 on it and after that, you can add to it in $10 increments.  We just let it grow and do one big transfer before vacation.  The card is essentially a gift card, so don't lose it!  A responsible way to use these rewards dollars would be to put them toward tickets.  However, we consider it as fun money.  On our last vacation, the rewards card paid for dinner at Jiko.  It's a bit pricey but it stings much less from the rewards fund.  We have also used it to treat the group to a meal, buy goodies from the food and wine festival, etc.  We usually have no problem using all of our rewards dollars since they are accepted at all Disney-owned locations on property, but if you have some rewards dollars that will expire before your next vacation, the card is also accepted at the Disney Store and disneystore.com.  There are additional perks that change from time to time.  Currently offered are a 10% discount on merchandise purchases of $50 or more at the parks or Disney Store or disneystore.com, 20% discount on selected WDW tours, and a special character meet and greet at Epcot with one free 5x7.  We find the card to be a painless way to save for vacation.

Update (June 2013):
Last year Chase offered an upgraded card with a $50 annual fee.  For the first quarter we received 5% rewards on certain categories of purchases and 1-2% on everything else.  Now it is 2% back on grocery stores, gas, restaurants and anything Disney.  My card is hot pink with a swirly carriage and it draws comments practically every time I use it.  We still use the reward dollars toward tickets or meals at Walt Disney World, but this card would also allow us to redeem points toward airline tickets purchased on the card.


  1. Besides the great perks, Disney Visa is always offering 3x or 5x rewards points bonuses on flights, groceries, gas, etc. Always helps those points add up. Last year, the money we saved up in Rewards Dollars went towards food and drink at Epcot's Food & Wine Festival...and maybe a few Disney pins too!

  2. You can also get a Chase Disney Visa debit card linked to a Chase savings or checking account and earn the same great rewards!


  3. Didn't know that, Mark. Thanks for sharing!


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