Friday, August 13, 2010

A Walk Around The World With Ridge--iPhone Apps

iPhone Apps...there really is an app for just about everything. I personally have way too many apps on my iPhone. In a new series, I am going to talk about several Disney dedicated apps as well as some apps that will just make your time in the queue a little more pleasant (also they are good for everyday usage). Everything from park maps and dining to photo editing, the iPhone does it all. I find it necessary to mention I am in no way compensated by any developers or Apple; I just really love my iPhone.

First up is a set of park map apps from These are interactive park maps that show attraction locations, restaurants, and bathrooms along with descriptions of each point of interest. The maps use a number and letter system and when you select one of these letters or numbers the name of the attraction comes up. If you touch it again the detailed information about the attraction is displayed. Ride length, basic description of the ride, if fastpass is available and wait times. I personally use Lines for wait times but that info will come later. Overall these park maps are robust and are extremely handy for both the Disney beginner and the seasoned veteran who just wants a little more information on the park. I personally have the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom maps; however Downtown Disney is also available. I purchased my apps separately but now they have an App Pack for $2.99.

The new App Pack includes all the above maps as well as Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens Tampa, Polynesian Resort, Wilderness Lodge, Yacht and Beach Club, Animal Kingdom Lodge, Swan and Dolphin Resort, Coronado Springs Resort as well as the Orlando International Airport. That really is a ton of information for $2.99. Side note: I now own this App Pack and it removes the four separate apps and consolidates to the one.

Navigating the app is very simple. To find your location tap the familiar icon in the bottom left corner of any map and the blue dot is you. Then to get information on an attraction tap either the number or letter that is displayed over it. In this case Cinderella's Golden Carrousel (yes it has changed names, I am betting this is fixed in the next update.) Now tap the blue arrow to get detailed info on the ride. Not displayed in the picture is the attraction name and wait time; I moved them out of the way so other information could be seen. At the very bottom of the information screen is priority selector that will place a star over the attraction on your map. Once you have taken part in the fun you can select "visited" and a check mark now appears over said attraction (see red circle).

Now I know I said this map app was also good for experienced park goers as well as for the newbies and that is true. Because while I/we know where to go and how we like to get there, once in line I am inquisitive and like to get extra information on things that I might not think about at home. Enter the Wikipedia button. Now I know, Wikipedia is not an academically sound source but isn't it fun to use? It provides lots of information: true or not, it's entertaining.

Now I used just the Magic Kingdom map for my examples but each map works exactly the same way and each are full of useful information like calendar of events found in the tool bar icon of a calendar. It gives park, attraction, and performance times for the particular month and day selected. You can search from the tool bar, the ubiquitous magnifying glass. The settings are located from the tool bar (looks like a wrench) and you can set the information you would like displayed. You can get wait time information, but as I said before I like to use "Lines" and I will talk about that in the next post.

Overall the Disney Theme Park Maps from are very useful and I have recommended them to my cousin for their family trip in November. I have spoken about them before and have a trip planning update coming soon from them. I have tried to find something negative or a draw back to these map apps, however they are solidly built and just darn handy.

Do you have a map app on your phone? Have you found a flaw or a drawback in these maps? Let me know your thoughts, I love apps and am always looking for good ones.


  1. Great review Chris! Good job! I look forward to playing with this app on your iPhone in October.

    This is one of those apps that is really cool but would be nearly worthless on my iPod Touch.

  2. Ok confession time! I have this app on my iPod ... As you say amy it would be useless in wdw without the wifi but I sit and look at it to get a quick Disney fix :-) and I like that it has all the menus on it too with prices lol. Great review :)


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